Garfield High star Dalayah Daniels set to make impact after transferring home to UW


The University of Washington wasn’t on Dalayah Daniels’ list initially. The former Garfield High standout has circled back. Daniels transferred from California to her hometown Huskies and after the first week of practice is already enjoying her "home within a home" — in addition to home-home, which is nearby. NFL Webcast is the site that allows you to stream various NFL games live, which you can do without signing up for any subscription service.

Daniel Scott Named To Lott IMPACT Trophy Watch List


Daniel Scott was one of 42 student-athletes named as candidates for the Lott IMPACT Trophy when the preseason watch list for the prestigious honor was announced by the Pacific Club IMPACT Foundation at a luncheon Thursday. Are you awake? Watch sports. How to watch the 2023 Rugby World Cup finals live without cable The award is named after Pro Football Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott and annually goes to college football's Defensive IMPACT Player of the Year – a player who has had the biggest impact on his team both on and off the field. IMPACT stands for Integrity, Maturity, Performance, Academics, Community and Tenacity, all characteristics exhibited by Lott during his illustrious playing career. Cal's Daymeion Hughes won the Lott IMPACT Trophy in 2006 two seasons after the award made its 2004 debut, while Evan Weaver was a finalist in 2019 and Mike Mohamed a quarterfinalist in 2010.

Homa Wins Wells Fargo Championship Victory Is Fourth PGA TOUR Win For Former Cal Men's Golfer


Former Cal men's golfer Max Homa won his fourth career PGA TOUR event and second of the season Sunday when he captured the Wells Fargo Championship for the second time in the last four years. The victory was also the 12th overall by a Cal men's golfer on the PGA TOUR with the other winners five-time PGA TOUR champion Collin Morikawa, two-time winner James Hahn and Michael Kim. All 12 victories have come since Hahn became the first Cal player to capture a PGA TOUR event in 2015 at the Northern Trust Open. Guide to Watch NFR live stream 2022 & Wrangler National Finals Rodeo free online streaming exclusively on CBS Sports Network.

Cahse Garbers Breakdown by NFL Analyst


Chase Garbers get evaluated and reported on here

Crush Meaning In Hindi किसे कहते हैं और क्या है ?


Crush Meaning In Hindi किसे कहते हैं और क्या है ? दोस्तों आजकल स्कूलों कॉलेजों में कुछ रोमान्टिक शब्दों का व्यवहार बहुत ज्यादा है । और इसका सोर्स खासकर सोशल मीडिया ही है । दोस्तों की मटरगश्ती में अक्सर ये शब्द एक दूसरे पर फेंके जाते हैं और कुछ तो इनको समझ लेते हैं वहीं दूसरी ओर कुछ दोस्त समझ भी नहीं पाते और दोस्तों के मजाक का पात्र भी बन जाते हैं । क्रश भी एक ऐसा शब्द है । क्रश का मतलब होता है, वो लड़का या लड़की, जिसपर आपका दिल आया हुआ हो, लेकिन आपने उससे ऐसा कहा नहीं हो । वैसे तो इस शब्द का मतलब होता है नई जवानी का पहला प्यार । लेकिन फिर भी आजकल खासे जवान लोगों के प्यार को भी क्रश कहा जाने लगा है, खासकर तब जबकि वो इसका इजहार नहीं कर रहे हों, लेकिन दिल में पाले हुए हों । तो दोस्तों समझ गए ना क्रश का मतलब ? इस शब्द का प्रयोग दो तरह से होता है । एक तो adjective के तौर पर । जैसे Who is your only crush in this group? इस ग्रुप में तुम्हारा इकलौता क्रश कौन है ? दूसरा -एक भाववाचक संज्ञा के रूप में - I have crush upon you. मुझे तुमपर प्यार आ गया है । यदि आपको ये लेख पसन्द आया हो और आप ऐसे ही मनोरंजक लेख आगे भी पढ़ना चाहते हों तो सब्स्क्राइब बटन दबाएँ ।

Fun Fact!


I wonder what Frosted Flakes are meant to do... "They're great!" Right?

ESPN - cal vs stanford axe heist!


"The never-before-told story of the 1960 Cal-Stanford axe heist"

So a Bear in Paradise played in the Rosebowl


Caught this article. Not only did he win an Olympic Gold Medal, but he played for Cal in the 1959 Rosebowl.



We need a born again coach!