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TwistNHook - TwistNHook is like a fine wine. Overpriced, overhyped, he always leaves you unsatisfied in the end. People say he's funny. All we know is that here at the CGB, we deal with the two most important things in the world: college football and the internet. And that's no laughing matter.

Roundtables: Attendance and Marketing.

Can we put some more butts in seats?

Roundtables: Cal in the 2018 NFL Draft.

It’s been a while since some defensive guys have been drafted.

Which move within the coaching staff will have the biggest impact?

Lots of small changes to the staff.

Roundtables: Running Back Depth.

Short-handed for the spring.

Roundtables: Designated to Return for Football.

Lots of unknown.

What’s the one thing in Cal history you would change?

So, so many things.

Rules for Being a Cal Football Fan

You've made the mistake of being a Cal Football fan. I'm sorry. Despite this great shame, there are still rules you must follow.

What Cal recruit do you wish had committed to the Bears?

Who do you wish had joined the Cal Family?

What Cal basketball moment in history would you change?

There are a few to pick from.

What moment would you change in Cal football history?

So many. So, so many.