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Highest-graded Cal players through three games

Here’s what we have learned via the gradebooks

NCAA Football: Arizona State at California Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears are just one of two teams who currently have a record of 0-3 and one of four teams overall who remain winless in the Pac-12 so far this season.

While we can document what went wrong or what hasn’t gone right until ‘the cows come home,’ I figured it was time to shed some positive light on things that have gone right and have gone well for the Bears so far in 2020.

I hit the gradebooks, thanks to the folks at PFF, to see who has played well so far for Cal, from an analytics standpoints. It is, however, important to note that the PFF grades are certainly subjective and shouldn’t be used as the conversation ender for the level of play each individual or team has used this year. It’s a conversation starter, at best, but certainly a good way to do such a thing.

So, with that caveat in mind, we take a look at the five highest-graded players from each side of the ball through Week 4 of the Pac-12 season, and three games of Cal football action.


C Michael Saffell — 69.9 overall (3rd among centers in the Pac-12)

WR Kekoa Crawford — 68.1 overall (11th among WRs in the Pac-12)

RB Marcel Dancy — 66.8 overall (13th among 14 Pac-12 RBs)

WR Makai Polk — 66.6 overall (16th among WRs in the Pac-12)

G Matthew Cindric — 65.4 overall (11th among guards in the Pac-12)


S Daniel Scott — 75.3 overall (5th among safeties in the Pac-12)

DI Brett Johnson — 74.2 overall (5th among interior DL in the Pac-12)

DI JH Tevis — 70.6 overall (7th among interior DL in the Pac-12)

CB Josh Drayden — 69.3 overall (14th among CBs in the Pac-12)

CB Camryn Bynum — 68.6 overall (15th among CBs in the Pac-12)