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All-time great Cal Football RB Coach Ron Gould is headed to San Diego State

Will we ever see Ron Gould return home?

NCAA Football: Michigan State at California Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Better (one week) late than never, right?

When the unthinkable happened—and the despicable Stanfurd Cardinal sentenced once–proud Golden Bear Troy Taylor to its role as Alistair H. Smarmsnobbery Director of Football-Related Operations and Activities—I immediately feared the prospect of a union between Taylor and then–running backs coach Ron Gould. Gould is one of the greats in the history of California Golden Bears Football, having coached legendary California luminaries like Joe Igber, Adimchinobe Echemandu, J.J. Arrington, Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett, Jahvid Best, Shane Vereen, Isi Sofele, and C.J. Anderson. The two together at that godforsaken Taco Bell would make an unholy union—both in terms of football IQ and the emotional pain of having two Cal greats soiled by their garb in that disgusting hue.

NCAA Football: California at Washington
Red can make even a Golden Bear look awful.
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However, Taylor announced he would be condemning some schmuck named Malcolm Agnew to the role of running backs coach at Stanfurd, freeing Gould from his cardinal captivity. This left me hoping without hope that we would find some creative way to reshuffle our staff and welcome Ron Gould back home—back to Berkeley.

That won’t be the case as Gould finds himself so close, yet so far and so red by joining another maroon-ish Californian school. Ron Gould has joined the San Diego State Aztecs as their associate head coach and running backs coach.

While this won’t be as complicated as having him coach for our archrivals, there’s certainly still some potential for things to get sticky—if San Diego State does indeed join the Pac-12, as rumors suggest may be a possibility, this means we’ll still be subjected to the sight of Gould (and his awe-inspiring running backs) on the other sideline.