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Cal vs. USC

USC OC Graham Harrell signs “multi-year contract extension” to stay in LA

The Trojans will retain their wunderkind OC for the future. (Unless he Kliffs them.)

Cal competing for the Pac-12 will require major changes

The program has a long way to go.

How to watch Cal vs. USC on Fox Sports 1

One final Pac-12 After Dark in Berkeley.

From the Mic Men: Fight Off

It’s the only song you know! It’s boring and it’s slow! We really wish you’d go!

Chase Garbers cleared to play, Cal starting QB to be named later this week


Football Film Study: Highlights vs. USC

See the best plays on both sides of the ball.

Cal ends the 15-year SC curse, 15–14

Tommy Trojan is no longer pushing us around

Week 11 Defensive Preview: USC (5–4)

Cal faces a USC defense that has suffered injuries on the defensive side

Film Study: Cal D vs. USC

An aggressive gameplan holds the Trojans to 13 points before our own INT’s give them two short fields to close out the game.

What will it take for Cal to end the streak against USC?

14 long years...

What are your feelings about Cal after the USC defeat?

Give us your early snap reactions.

Cal Twitter reacts to USC game, Joe Roth jerseys. Vic Wharton talks athlete protests.

Good stuff as always.

Roth throwbacks to be an annual tradition when hosting USC or UC Los Angeles

The throwbacks are coming back.

How to Watch Cal vs USC: TV time, schedule, online stream, injury updates

Go Bears!

Jared Goff predicts Cal will beat USC on SportsCenter


Cal’s captains for the Joe Roth Memorial Game have been announced

Three Bears—with familial ties—will try to lead Cal over USC

Q&A with Conquest Chronicles: Will Justin Wilcox’s Trojan past be a benefit for Cal?

Let’s learn all about USC straight from the (Trojan) horse’s mouth.

USC or Stanford: Pick the one win you want Cal to have most

Who would you want Cal to beat most?

Cal fans, what are your feelings on the USC Trojans?

Hated? Or most hated?

The Trojans may be rather injured when they face the Golden Bears

More than a dozen Trojans are injured heading into the Cal game.

Cal opens as 15 point underdogs to USC

Is this the year the Golden Bears shock the Trojans and end the streak?

Unbeaten Cal vs. unbeaten USC kicks off at 12:30 PM Pacific on ABC. No College Gameday.


Cal vs. USC a 12:30pm pacific kickoff on Saturday, September 23rd.

Go Bears! Beat the Trojans.

Cal–Under Armour reveal Joe Roth throwback unis for the Cal–USC game

It’s the least surprising surprise of 2017.

What are the greatest Cal football games against USC?

They’re out there!

Conquest Chronicles boasts Heisman hype and why Cal can never beat USC

Another year where USC’s gonna be good at football. Hooray.

Is Cal bringing back a throwback uniform?


How much did the Cal short week contribute to the USC loss?

A little, not much, a lot?

Cal A.D. reportedly didn’t fight the unusual USC scheduling

This seems unwise.

Cal has a bottom-five FBS defense for the third time in four years


Sonny Dykes seems unhappy with Cal defensive coaches

Tough words from the Cal head coach.

Left tackle Aaron Cochran reportedly broke his foot