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Cal fans, what are your feelings on the USC Trojans?

Hated? Or most hated?

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Penn State vs Southern California Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

KWBears: Hate 'em, period. I was at Cal during Pete Carroll's U$C heyday and when the Trojans were winning big. No love lost then, no love lost now.

Ruey Yen: Even before attending Cal, I spent enough time at UCLA (use their library, play at their arcade, etc.) to develop a hatred for the Trojans. With them and Stanford being the lone private schools in the Pac, there is some part of public school pride. Moreover, the most detestable part of "Hollywood", the whole celebrity for the sake of being a celebrity, is essentially embodied by U$C. Then you add in the whole buying Reggie Bush's family a house thing...

boomtho: From a football perspective, I feel like the USC Trojans are a really damn good football team, especially at the OL/DL positions. When you layer in Darnold and the RB's, they become a scary, near-impossible team to want to face.

As a school, it kills me that we haven't beaten them since 2003. We've lost close games, blowouts, and everything in between, with the only constant being the losing. I also had a pretty bad experience the one time I went to the Coliseum (a drunk SC fan called me a terrorist and threw beer on me). So not a ton of love for them as a school.

Nik Jam: There was a time when beating USC was the #1 goal of every Pac-10 team... in the Pac-12 era USC doesn't quite have the prestigious title that they used to have, now that there's more parity in the league. However, during Cal's losing streak pretty much every other Pac fanbase, if I'm not mistaken, has had the pleasure of beating them. This is embarrassing and can no longer stand.

thedozen: Let's get this straight: I dislike the Trojans, and not just because Cal has experienced one heck of a football drought against them. My only visit to the Coliseum in 2004 was up there with the most frustrating finishes to any Cal athletic event I've watched. My attitude also has something to do with how people who've never set foot on campus paint their faces red and yellow on game days. Maybe I'm tired of seeing billboards featuring banks that sponsor USC athletics as I drive to work in the morning. Or the fact that USC has landed basketball prospects like OJ Mayo but still has trouble finding anyone to fill the Galen Center.

atomsareenough: Like any Cal fan, I don't like the Trojans, but I'd say I probably hate them slightly less than most other Cal fans. Yes, they're annoying and arrogant and ethically questionable, and yes their band is filled with douchebags who dress up in ridiculous shiny plastic and only play 2 songs. But usually they're pretty damn good at football, so at least there's some basis for their arrogance, whereas UCLA fans expect to be good all the time for pretty much no real reason. Moreover, unlike UCLA, they have their own traditions, and they didn't just copy someone else's. Also, I think that USC doesn't compete with Cal for quite the same mindshare that UCLA does. I feel like when UCLA does well in major sports, it's more directly at the expense of Cal. Like, it's harder to present yourself the flagship public university when you're constantly getting overshadowed by the branch campus. So I'll take USC > UCLA every day of the week. That said, it's preposterous that we haven't beaten these ketchup-and-mustard-wearing clowns for almost a decade and a half, so it's time to take care of business.

ragnarok: I have a strong, deep-seated hatred of the Trojans. I am envious of their dominance, angered by their arrogance, and absolutely repulsed by their overblown mediocrity of a marching band. They are both consistently better than Cal in football and annoying the heck out of me as they do it. They probably don't even care that much that they've beaten us 13 years in a row, and somehow this annoys me more.

But, honestly, it's mostly the band. Screw those losers.