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From the Mic Men: Fight Off

It’s the only song you know! It’s boring and it’s slow! We really wish you’d go!

NCAA Football: California at Southern California Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I want to tell you a tale of two schools. In the beginning, in the land known then as Caleefornya, there was a great blue birth. As this body opened its eyes for the first time, it said “Let there be light!”, and across the land, there was. Peace reigned, the forest animals sang catchy songs, and, for a time, it seemed life would continue on this way. For a time.

For down south, past the land of trees, into the great desert, awoke another body. Rather than blue, it was red. Rather than peace, it took war for its symbol. Rather than being for the people, it was only for the rich.

And you know what the worst part is?

They had the gall to steal the proud name of our university then add just one word like we wouldn’t notice.

They are the Trojans, but this week, the roles are reversed, and they are upon our walls. Yet like Troy of old, they will again lose. After all, the hero always wins.

So, Cal fans, I need you!


For too long, U$C beat us down. We spent years watching Pete Carroll and co. gum-smack their way to 15 straight wins. Their fanbase fell into the oldest trap: they thought their victories gave them a “birthright” to championships. But pride comes before the fall, and now, it’s our turn to be on top. Our victory in the Coliseum last year was just a preview for our coming domination, the age of Golden Bear. Soon, and maybe even after these three weeks, the land of California will once again, top to bottom, be Bear Territory.


And to top it all off, it’s Senior Day. Turner, Hawkins, Netherda. Davis, Coutts, Thomas. Toailoa, Bazakas, and Ben Hawk Schrider. Duncan, Beck, Doughtry, and Hopkins. And of course, our crown jewel, Weaver. One last time to see them all in the confines of Memorial.


After the post-game show last Saturday, as the night blackened and the floodlights dimmed, our Mic Man mentor, Matthew Del Bonta (Class of ‘99), gave us a smile and reminded “You know, next week’s game starts in 30 minutes.”

Oh, yes, please.

Give me that night game. Who cares about your kid’s bedtime, television contracts, and whether the BART even runs that late. Give me a full day of anticipation, slowly building up, watching games across timezones and fans across the country celebrate, as the clock clicks towards 8:00, post merīdiem. Let that nervous energy flow through you, and take it all out by yelling, loud and proud, for your Golden Bears, wherever you may be.

It is #PAC12AFTERDARK, and Trojan Hate Week, and frigid Berkeley weather, and the last home game, and one-win-away-from-bowling, all rolled into one, single football game. Bears by 50.