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USC or Stanford: Pick the one win you want Cal to have most

Who would you want Cal to beat most?

Stanford v USC Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Stanford looks more beatable, but USC does look more vulnerable. If you could only pick one win this year California Golden Bears fans, do you take the Axe, or end the streak?

Kevin Wu: I'll take beatable over vulnerable. Not because I care that much about the Axe, but because a win is a win and anytime we can pick-up a W, I'm down for that.

boomtho: I'd probably end the streak, personally. Guessing I'd be in the minority there though...

Nik Jam: I'll go with USC Trojans because of the longer losing streak... and it's a home game so the celebration will be a lot more intense and fun. However, I'm also going to say USC because it is this weekend. I want gratification now! Maybe if we get the win, I can talk to the genie, wizard, witch, or whoever that granted me this win and see if I can sell my soul to get both. Maybe when I make this deal I'll have my fingers crossed on my back.

thedozen: The Axe hasn't resided in Berkeley since the eve of Big Game 2010. Maybe it's because Big Game 2002 was a formative experience in my life, but if I have to pick one I'm taking a win over local rival Stanford Cardinal. Given what I've said about USC, this isn't a decision I made lightly.

atomsareenough: I don't like this question, because it is a false choice. We can have both. Goodness knows we've had to suck it up and accept beating neither of them for way too long. Anyway, I hate Stanfurd more in a vacuum, but USC would be more of a statement win, and it's been longer since we've beaten them. It would be better for national and recruiting perceptions of the program if we beat USC, not to mention more satisfying for a hungry fanbase, so I'd prefer to beat the Trojans. Honestly, if we beat USC this week, I like our chances of beating Stanfurd that much more.

ragnarok: The Axe. Always the Axe. I can live with USC being better than Cal at football, but losing to Stanfurd over and over again is just soul-crushing. The only reason I might swap my answers here is if a win over the Trojans sends Cal to the Rose Bowl.

Also, the Stanfurd Banned is lame and disastrously un-funny. But, I must admit, I rather like "All Right Now".

Berkelium97: The Axe. Although USC may be good this year, beating them has lost the luster it had in the height of the Tedford years. Since then, every Pac-12 team except Colorado has beaten them, and many have beaten them multiple times. It would be great for the Cal fanbase to beat them, but it probably would not be a huge deal to USC fans (especially because they do not look at all like a playoff team right now). Not only would beating the Lobsterbacks be an utter delight for Cal fans, it will hurt the Lobsterback fanbase. I want them to experience the suffering and anguish that their fanbase has not experienced since 2009.