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UC Berkeley

Happy Thanksgiving to the Cal faithful!

What are you thankful for?

Cal football graduation rates jump, Cal Athletics posts highest GSR ever

Go Bears!

The Pac-12 refuses to lead - will Cal also refuse?

Amateurism is dying. Will the powers that be embrace change or pointlessly fight a lost battle?

California Assembly passes bill allowing in-state college athletes to earn paid endorsements

Big changes and confrontations potentially coming.

Updated: A woman has accused Cal Football players and coaches of sexual harassment and negligence

Troubling allegations against our football program and university.

Cal “launche[s] an investigation” into the scandal of Sidoo’s admission

Full steam ahead for Sidoogate

Cal is now tied to the scandal of fraudulent college admissions

Nothing concrete yet, but there’s some smoke...

Chancellor Christ: Cal athletic department changes coming this spring

Big days ahead.

Former Cal professor Paul Romer wins 2018 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Romer was an Economics professor in Berkeley from 1990 to 1996. The landmark paper that won him this award was published in 1990.

Cal alum (PhD ‘85) Frances H. Arnold wins the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The Chemical Engineering PhD (‘85) wins half of the 2018 Nobel Prize "for the directed evolution of enzymes".

James P. Allison wins Nobel Prize for Berkeley research!

Our little powerhouse in Nobels takes home another.

Cal announces $30M plans to update facilities for softball and beach volleyball

Does this mean that these sports won’t be on the chopping block if Cal tries to downgrade from 30 to the minimum 14 sports?

Cal uses Witt/Kieffer to find our next athletic director

Let’s find a new AD.

Layshia Clarendon sues Cal, alleging sexual assault

Clarendon speaks up against a Cal employee for sexual assault.

UC Berkeley will assist Cal Athletics in paying off their significant debt load

How about that?

Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson reportedly interested in Cal job

Cal could use a capable AD.

Cal alumnus Barry Barish (B.S. ‘57, Ph.D. ‘62) wins the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics!

The 92nd Nobel laureate with ties to Cal wins for validating Einstein.

What are your Cal gameday traditions in Berkeley?

How do you spend a Cal football gameday?

Can somebody please, for the love of Oski, make a decision?

Alternatively: Help us, Carol Christ, you’re our only hope

Cal may relocate/cut Soccer, Track & Field to build residential housing at Edwards Stadium

Cal Athletics is getting creative in plans to generate revenue (to bridge the budget deficit) by using its valuable real estate asset that is Edwards Stadium.

Thoughts on the impending departure of Cal athletic director Mike Williams

Some quick thoughts.

The Biggest C: Cal students set Guinness world record!

Go Bears!

Participate in the Cal auction, win tickets, fund scholarships

Go Bears.

Cal fans, what are your favorite CGB pieces?

Which of our pieces have resonated the most with you?

Cal fans, what are your favorite CGB memories?

We’re ten years old. Let us know what you liked the most about our coverage of the Bears!

Cal fans, what’s your CGB experience been like?

Go Bears!

Game of Thrones is back! Listen to the Cal fight song in Dothraki

Go Bears! Winter is here!

Yahoo: Cal a top 20 athletic program, but still 4th in California

The good...and the bad.

How much is Cal making with their new contracts?

It’s a start.

Cal fans, how did you discover CGB?

We’d love to hear your stories.

Intermezzo and Raleigh’s return to Berkeley

They’re back!

Dubai map correctly displays Cal as California’s team

You’re ok Dubai map.