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Cal Bears, what are your favorite California Golden Blogs pieces?

Which of our pieces have resonated the most with you?

Cal fans celebrate OT win on the field Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

What are your favorite pieces you can remember California Golden Blogs doing on our California Golden Bears (please link if you can), creative, original, etc.?

LeonPowe: Almost all of CalBear 81's history posts. Hydrotech's football analysis pieces. And the Treesitter saga.

All the Blogsome posts are here.

ragnarok: Several people have already mentioned the Treesitters epic and it's hard to imagine what would top it. All the analysis posts are amazing, and they make me realize how dumb I am about football.

I'd also like to mention the first time CGB broke a news story, which was the firing of Ben Braun back in 2008. CBKWit had a source inside the athletic department, so he found out hours before it went public. I don't know if that was really enough verification by journalistic standard, but we trusted CBKWit and his source and so ran with it. I remember several other Cal blogs at the time lambasting us for irresponsible rumor-mongering and I spent the rest of the day waiting nervously for some other legitimate news source to confirm the story, hoping we didn't really screw ourselves by getting the story wrong. We did get it right in the end, but it was quite a rush to be involved in "real" news reporting and not just armchair analysis that anyone could do from their parents' basement.

Nick Kranz: I think our best work tends to come in response to great games or events. Reef's recap of Cal's win over Arizona last year, or CBKWit's recap of the Jorge-fueled comeback over Stanford. All of the work that goes into CGB Olympics coverage—either the actual games or the Olympic sports (Hooray for Ruey!). I love Berkelium's annual win-projection columns and Twist's financial analysis has increased my understanding of AD budgeting from zero to a number significantly above zero.

I rarely write something myself and then look back on it favorably after the fact, but here are a couple of things I've written that I don't hate: Where have you gone Jeff Tedford?; Dear Texas Fans: It's not you, it's us; Brittany Boyd: Point Guard Swiss Army Knife; Cal 60, Washington St. 59: Utter Insanity.

Piotr Le: My column, of course. What other school's SBNation blog would talk S&P+ stuff on the reg? (No bias, of course.)

Vincent S: By far, my favourite are the longer historical pieces. I started at Cal in 2008, and these pieces gave me a great way of connecting with history and lore of the school and program. They were also incredibly researched, well thought out, clearly written, wonderful examples of the ability of a fanbase to produce quality journalism. I imagine each one took dozens of hours to write and I'm grateful my colleagues wrote them. An inexhaustive list, but some of my favourites: