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What are your Cal gameday traditions in Berkeley?

How do you spend a Cal football gameday?

Northwestern v California Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

What are your Cal gameday traditions in Berkeley?

Avinash: I do a quick run around campus and say hi to old and new friends. I go to the CGB tailgate. Good food and new CGBers met every week. Nick has very thoughtful opinions. TwistNHook talks to everyone about how amazing his life is. I meet one new person every year at the tailgate and Bear Island grows stronger every year.

I end up at Thai Basil or Top Dog afterward and fill my victorious belly/drown my sorrows. Then I go home and write and watch football.

That's my life, ten years running on Cal football Saturdays. Wouldn't change a thing.

Nik Jam: I have been tailgating with the Cal Drinking Squad since 2015 after being invited by Twist.

After the game I sometimes go to Overland in Oakland if there's not a Raider home game the next day.

Piotr Le: Wake up extra early, check weather and Cal football twitter-verse, get food at Asian ghetto, either thai Basil or Gypsy's. Then a short hike-up the hill right around the time the gates open and hang out with people from QQ. This was me in 2015 when I got the pleasure of watching the Bears as a recent alumn with the QQ and Nam's goons. Since then I haven't had the chance to go back to the Bay.

boomtho: I'm sadly going to be missing most home games this year due to travel, but my normal routine starts by BARTing over about 4 hours before the game. We try to hit up Top Dog, Sliver, Kips, and Free House before heading up to the stadium. Along the way, of course the goal is to meet up with old friends, banter back and forth with opposing teams, and get a great Berkeley meal.

After the game, we try to hit up either the Graduate, or if we're hungry, Racha Thai before heading home.