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Cal fans, what are your favorite memories at California Golden Blogs?

We’re ten years old. Let us know what you liked the most about our coverage of the Bears!

Tennessee v California Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

What are your favorite memories from the site's history (online or offline) covering the California Golden Bears? When did you really feel like being part of this community would be a bit different from other places?

Nik Jam: When I randomly showed up in one of TwistNHook's articles in 2010. This was years before we met, became friends, and I was "hired" for the website and I didn't imagine any of those things would happen. That was a particularly bad day for me (won't depress you with details)... so it was a nice pick-me-up when I later saw me in the article!

boomtho: In no particular order—coverage of the treesitters, CalBear81's Cal sports history posts, the coverage of the women's huddle, HydroTech and Kodiak's incredibly helpful X's and O's breakdowns (though I still don't know what 11 personnel means!!), Twist's breakdowns of the financials, and most of the (non-slapfighty) DBD's. Oh! And the Toshgate Jumbacos. That may actually be #1 for me. RIP Spazzy and Redonkulous.

ragnarok: The community aspect is huge. The DBD was started as a link dump along the lines on Athletics Nation's DLD, but it quickly morphed into something else, something so unique. CGB meetups (tailgates and Happy Hours) have also been pretty special, as I started meeting these people in real life that I only knew from this website. Years later, it's hard to imagine that these friendships I have made were ever only virtual.

Nick Kranz: CGB is at its best when it allows us a place to revel in the joys of Cal fandom. As a consequence, my favorite memories are all related to tremendous sporting events. My single favorite gamethread of all time was Cal baseball's absurd comeback to beat Baylor and win their regional in the NCAA playoffs. My favorite post-game thread was Cal's Big Game win in 2009, when people gradually got home from Palo Alto to share their experiences of rushing the field after Mike Mohamed's interception—a celebration so large it required two threads to handle the comment load. Cal women's basketball's entire 12–13 season, culminating in the celebration that followed their win to send them to New Orleans and the Final Four.

Moments like those are why we put up with the many, many moments of sadness and disappointment that accompany Cal fandom—to celebrate together.

Kevin Wu: I love when this site goes unfiltered. When Cal athletics sucks (which football has been for years now), this site doesn't hold back. It's still fair and balanced, and is totally representative of the general Cal fan base. From day one, this community was quite different for me. The snark is unparelleled, the analytics so above and beyond, the coordination is bar none (looking at you, Avi), and the viewership is so dedicated and vocal.

Piotr Le: My favorite memory is trying to figure out if TwistNHook was serious or not...