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College football map in Dubai correctly displays Cal as California’s team

You’re ok Dubai map.

College football map in Dubai

The California Golden Bears have always struggled to build their national brand, particularly given the competition they have to deal with in-state. USC is the premier football power for decades on end. UCLA has built their basketball brand in a similar fashion. Stanford is recognizable just about everywhere in both academics and now athletics. All three California Pac-12 schools encroach on territory Cal should have more of a stake in—top public university, strong academic brand, deep athletic tradition.

However, we have won the battle for brand recognition in Dubai. This college football map was spotted there, and look who’s represented as the program of California!

Some things worth noting:

  • No UCLA. Ha.
  • No Stanford. HA.
  • Arizona State over Arizona is intriguing.
  • Boise State taking the state of Georgia seems odd, but then again only one of those programs has beaten the other in the state of Georgia.
  • The Cal-Nike deal might be dead, but the roaring Bear lives on!