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Cal vs. Colorado

Colorado reportedly hires Karl Dorrell as head coach

The Buffaloes are finally ready for their next era.

Football Film Study: Pick 6’s vs. Colorado

Coverage Disguises and TD’s

Football Film Study: Stopping CU’s H-Back Run Game

What does Colorado’s offense like to run, and how can a defense like Cal’s stop it?

Week 13 Defensive Preview: Colorado (5–6)

Cal will look to exploit match-ups in the secondary to gain big plays

Football Film Study: Colorado vs. the Cal Defense

Attacking DB Leverage with Trips

Cal loses its 11th Pac-12 road game in a row, 44-28 to Colorado: Instareaction & report card

Go Bears. Onto Oregon State.

Cal vs. Colorado 4th quarter chat: Bears & Buffs scoreless in the 3rd, still 27-14

Not looking good.

Cal vs. Colorado 3rd quarter chat: Bears trail Buffs 27-14 at halftime

Can the Bears rally after halftime?

Cal vs. Colorado 2nd quarter chat: Bears pass defense responsible for 14-7 deficit

Here’s your Cal vs. Colorado first quarter score update.

Cal at Colorado first quarter chat

Go Bears! Beat the Buffs.

How to watch Cal at Colorado: Pac-12 Network at 11 am

Go Bears!

Q&A with Ralphie Report: Do they predict a margin of victory *this big*?

Chatting with Ralphie Report about their struggles in 2017.

Kickoff time for Cal–Colorado has been announced

A side of Buffaloes with your lunch.

Cal vs.Colorado Report Card - The good KABAM!

If you hate defense then you LOVED the game on Saturday. Come take a look at what everyone has to say about the Cal/ Colorado football scorefest!

Golden Nuggets: 59-56!

Golden Nuggets: Victory at Memorial Stadium as Sonny Dykes notches the first conference win of his Cal tenure.

Does *anybody* want to see today's highlights??

Who wants to see highlights of our first Pac-12 win in like a billion years?