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Football Film Study: Colorado vs. the Cal Defense

Attacking DB Leverage with Trips

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears bowl chances took a big hit last Saturday with one of our worst games from a schematic standpoint. In this video I’ll break down one particular strategy that Colorado used to shred our defense. We’ll see how they were able to run the same passing concept against three different coverages, and I’ll show that our coaches were unable to get us into a look that could take this concept away.

While better execution certainly could’ve made up for these schematic losses, we’ll see that our players weren’t aligned in advantageous positions, and so weren’t getting a lot of help from the playcalling. Every coach has bad games here and there, so the key this Saturday will be to see how we bounce back. Will we be able to solve these problems, or is there now a book on how to beat our defense? Stay tuned to find out, and Go Bears!