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Cal vs. Colorado 2nd quarter chat: Bears pass defense responsible for 14-7 deficit

Here’s your Cal vs. Colorado first quarter score update.

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes got the ball to start the first quarter. Cal took them off the field in four plays.

The California Golden Bears got the ball right after that. They went three and out.

Colorado got two huge plays to get on the board. A Phillip Lindsay run got CU into the red zone. Then Steven Montez found Devin Ross for the touchdown on a 3rd and long situation.

Cal went marching down the field. It was mostly Patrick Laird getting the drive started with a few crucial first downs. Ross Bowers found Vic Wharton for a big first down conversion. Vic Enwere put Cal in the red zone. Then Bowers handed it off to Wharton to throw to Kanawai Noa for the Cal touchdown to tie things up.

Cal’s pass defense (generally improved from past season) cost the Bears. After two stuffs, Colorado converted another 3rd-and-long on a coverage bust. Montez went deep to Lavis Shenault, and Colorado got a touchdown on a Montez keeper on the next play.

It’s 14-7 Buffs. Discuss the second quarter Cal fans!