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Cal Vs. USC 2018

Football Film Study: Highlights vs. USC

See the best plays on both sides of the ball.

Roundtables: Beating SC and ending the streak.



Post-Game Thoughts: USC

The 2018 Bears kill the streak in the only way they know how: ugly and gritty

Cal ends the 15-year SC curse, 15–14

Tommy Trojan is no longer pushing us around

Instareaction and grade the game: CAL DEFEATS USC. THE STREAK IS OVER.

Cal beats USC. Cal wins in LA. Cal goes bowling.

Cal vs. USC, Q4 livethread: We’ve got a game! Cal leads 15–14

15 minutes to end it.

Cal vs. USC, Q3 livethread: USC out-athlete-ing Cal to 14–0 lead

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Cal vs. USC, Q2 livethread: Tied at 0–0, but USC threatening

All about field position.

Cal vs. USC, Q1 livethread: Fifteenth time’s the charm, right?

Ugh again.

Game captains and uniforms for Cal–USC

How the Bears will take LA.

Cal Football Advanced Statistics: Cal vs. U$C

Cal’s greatest opportunity to topple the walls of Troy

Q&A with Conquest Chronicles

It’s $C week.

Week 11 Defensive Preview: USC (5–4)

Cal faces a USC defense that has suffered injuries on the defensive side

Know your opponent: Previewing the U$C offense

The Bears face an underperforming and injured Trojan offense

Vegas favors USC over Cal

Cal is still the underdog against the weakest USC team in some time.