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Big Game 2019

Cal Football Film Study: Big Game 2019

See highlights from Cal’s Big Rivalry Win

Go Bears. Forever.

You’re in it. Until the end.

The Bearcast: The Return of the Axe

It comes home.

Sights & Sounds: Cal reclaims the Axe, rushes the field, makes Palo Alto Bear Territory

The party from all angles.

Evan Weaver on Big Game win: Great feeling to see sad Stanford fans, take The Axe home

That and more 2019 Big Game postgame quotes from Cal players and coaches.

Rate The Big Game: The Stanford Axe Returns Home, Cal Defeats Stanfurd 24-20

Chase Garbers contributed two touchdowns—one by ground, the other through the air

The 122nd Big Game, Second Half: Cal Retakes the Axe in 24-20 Win, Now Bowl-Eligible

Cal still in the game, looking to return the Axe home

Breaking News: Chase Garbers starting at QB for 122nd Big Game

Yes. He’s back.

How to watch Cal at Stanford in the 2019 Big Game

Go Bears. Beat Stanford.

Roundtables: Glance back at SC and look forward to Big Game

in reflection.

Big Game Q&A: A chat with Rule of Tree

Dining with the enemy

From the Mic Men: The Junior College

Has anyone discovered Stanfurdium yet?

Leland Stanford Junior University Defensive Preview

A bonus analysis because it’s the Big Game.

Leland Stanford Junior University Offensive Preview

Part one of a two-part Big Game extravaganza.

Vegas predicts the 122nd Big Game will be a close one

Two struggling Bay Area teams will go to war with no clear favorite.

Game time announced for the 122nd Big Game

Early start. Early Tailgates.