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From the Mic Men: The Junior College

Has anyone discovered Stanfurdium yet?

A Scottish Estate Donates Timber For The Renovation Of HMS Victory Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

So, I’m not a huge believer in momentum, but here’s the recap of Big Game Week so far:

Sunday - There was a Battle of the Bands on Pier 39. The Furd Band, of course, doesn’t actually play music, so that can be marked as a victory for California.

Monday - There were rallies across San Francisco, including Ghirardelli Square and Union Square, and a blue and gold cable car traveled around the city. The Furd, of course, didn’t even show up. Another California victory.

Tuesday - Big Sail, at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Well, not only did California win, but it was another stark reminder that Furd’s sailing coach got caught up in the college admissions scandal. That’s got to be worth two points.

Wednesday - Like God, we rested.

Thursday - Cal Spirit took over the SF Chronicle. If you’re wondering whether the Furd showed up, well, you know the answer already. Another California victory.

Oh and later today, Friday, we’re gonna burn some trees.

The ball has been rolling in California’s favor, and it shows no signs of stopping. Furd may lock away the Axe in a bulletproof safe, complete with laser-detection, alarms, and a trapdoor, but come Saturday, someone will have to come in, remove it from that Taco-Bell-of-a-campus, and bring it back to its rightful home.

Cal fans, it’s time…