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Sights & Sounds: Cal reclaims the Axe, rushes the field, makes Palo Alto Bear Territory

The party from all angles.

NCAA Football: California at Stanford Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday morning, the California Golden Bears woke up with the Stanford Axe for the first time in over nine years.

It all started here.

The Axe Committee was at this point engaging in a fierce staredown at the other side of the field.

But after Cal clinched the game, it was theirs, and the mayhem began. The Axe Committee grabbed their prize and rushed to the Cal side of the stadium.

You can see how perilous it got! One Rally Committee member tripped and was pictured later pretty worse for wear.

Meanwhile, the Cal alumni and students rushed the field en masse.

And from there on, the party had begun!

The view from the Cal Band.

Then Cal football celebrated with its richly earned Axe.

There was the return to calling Palo Alto Bear Territory.


CGB Presents. The 122nd Big Game Pre and Post Game festivities. Headphones on. Sound on.

*Don’t forget to change the resolution to 1080p.

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