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Cal Vs. TCU 2018 (Cheez-It Bowl)

Football Film Study: The Cheez-I(n)t Bowl

Trouble Controlling CB’s

Post-Game Thoughts: The Bowl Game with the Silly Name

Remembering a game that will be remembered for its absurdity.

Cal Falls to TCU in Wild Cheez-It Bowl

Somebody had to win one of the ugliest games of all time

Instareaction and grade the game: Cal loses the Cheez-INT bowl, 10-7

My goodness that was horrible

Cheez-It Bowl, Q1 livethread: Cal takes on TCU to close out 2018

Cal enters the postseason for the first time since 2015.

TCU Defensive Preview: Cheez-It Bowl Edition

The Horned Frogs boast one of the best coached defenses in the nation.

Cal Football Advanced Statistics: Cal vs. TCU

Second tastiest bowl of the 2018 season

Q&A: A look in the mirror at our Big 12 twinsie with Frogs O’ War

The Cheez-It Bowl will feature two uncannily-similar teams...

Football Film Study: TCU’s Jalen Reagor

Using WR’s when your passing game’s struggling

Football Film Study: Attacking the TCU Defense

How does it work, and how did Texas attack it?

The opening line for the Cheez-It Bowl has Cal as two-point underdogs

Time for Cardiac Cal to make another appearance?

The Bears are headed to the Cheez-It Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona to face the Horned Frogs

It’s time to go bowling.