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CGB's Pac-12 Power Rankings, 2019

Power Rankings: RIP to the 2019 season and to this series on CGB

Pour one out for the Power Rankings.

Power Rankings: Interesting findings as the Pac-12 is split in half

We need more clicks, so check this out, millennials—avocados!

Pac-12 Power Rankings, Week 13: The Ducks are lost in some feelings

Nobody knows... the trouble they’ve seen...

Power Rankings: Lowest of lows for the lowly Cardinal

Kicking off Big Game Week with Stanfurd struggling in the Pac-12.

Power Rankings: This nightmare fuel is having a nightmare of its own

Things are looking down for Stanfurd, meaning things must be looking up for you.

Power Rankings: The Beavs are finally doing A-OK

I know this isn’t really the "a-okay" signal, but the other pictures this week are pretty weak.

Power Rankings: Cal flirts with (the) rock(‘s) bottom

Does an absolute embarrassment against one of the conference’s top teams result in last place?

Power Rankings: Hello darkness, my old friend...

The "darkness" line works on—like—four different levels. At least.

Power Rankings: How did YOU vote?

How do our... ahem... beloved fans view the conference?

Power Rankings: In basement battle, Beavs best beleaguered Bruins—bwahahaha!

We have a definitive answer for which team deserves our bottom spot for the time being.

Power Rankings: Oregon on bye and big wins for Utah & Washington—who’s #1?

A big fall for the Golden Bears.

Power Rankings: Stanfurd can’t fathom this collapse

Cal’s the last remaining undefeated team. Stanfurd is the Pac-12 team that lost by the biggest margin. Might this be the perfect Power Ranking?

Power Rankings: USC yo-yos right back down

After a brief bright spot, USC comes back to the darkness.

Power Rankings: U–C–L.–A. WATCH–THEM–FALL!

I really wanted to avoid leading with UC L.A. two weeks in a row, but after that performance, how can I not?

Power Rankings: How far did the Bruins fall?

Let’s read far too much into one single game.

Pac-12 Power Rankings: Because the preseason is made for baseless speculation

Because we’re basically working blindfolded right now.