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CGB's Pac-12 Power Rankings, 2018

Final Pac-12 Power Rankings: Where does Cal fall after a lackluster bowl season?

With most teams losing their bowl games and some mad WTF-ery in the Cheez-I(n)t Bowl, can Cal finish in the top half of the conference?

Pac-12 Power Rankings, Week 13: The Southern champs get no respect

CGB’s perceptions of the Pac-12 teams show no respect for Utah or ASU.

Power Rankings: Cal gets screwed by math

All that bad-mouthing of Evans Hall finally comes back to get us

Power Rankings: Maybe USC should throttle back on the overenthusiastic excitement

How far can the Trojan-besting Golden Bears jump up our rankings?

Pac-12 Power Rankings: Shhh.... everything will be okay, ASU

A picture too perfect not to use even though it has no relevance.

Power Rankings: How far can the Beavers rise after finally winning?

Say hello to a squad of victorious Beavers for the first time in forever.

Power Rankings: Anti-Oregon slogans are old, but the top of the conference is new!

Oregon rises, then Oregon falls.

Power Rankings: Did the Bears hit rock bottom?


Power Rankings: Changes to the basement

Plus, no one follow Stanfurd’s lead as they plummet down our Rankings.

Power Rankings: Did the Huskies stretch enough for first place to be in their grasp?

Some minor mixings across the conference this week, except for a few doomed teams.

Power Rankings: Way to go, Beavers

Did a big loss to basement-mate Wildcats ensure that the Beavers get relegated to 12th place?

Power Rankings: Someone hug USC—maybe not that hard, though

It was a bad week for the SoCal schools—how will that be reflected in their rankings?

Power Rankings: Celebrations for ASU, but did they do enough to get to #1?

We have a new team in the basement, but were big wins by Colorado and Arizona State enough to result in a new team at top?

Power Rankings: Body language says it all for the UC L.A. Surrender Cobras

Nothing makes you feel better than stumbling out of the gates of your super-hyped coaching hire.

Preseason Power Rankings: Purple Reign’s Prince to be king of the conference

Expect a repeat of last year’s champions.