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Cal Vs. Stanford (Big Game) 2018

Football Film Study: Building for Next Year

What can we take from the Big Game?

The Bearcast: 121st Big Game.

Close, but not good enough

Post-Game Thoughts: 121st Big Game

For another year, enforce patience

California Comes up Short, Loses Axe in 23-13 Decision

Golden Bears drops its ninth consecutive Big Game, looks ahead to post-season bowl

Instareaction and Grade the Big Game: Stanford Keeps the Axe, Defeats Cal 23-13

California’s offense scores its sole touchdown in the final minute

Cal Advanced Statistics: 2nd 121st Big Game

The Axe is Actually Coming Back to Berkeley

Get ready for the Big Game with Cal Fan Extraordinaire Mike Silver

A refresher course.

UPDATED The Big Game Defensive Preview: Stanford (7–4)

The Cardinal have allowed 29 points per game in their last three games

UPDATED Know Your Enemy: Previewing the Stanfurd Offense

These Stanfurd receivers are as tall as trees.

Monday Unexpected Bye Week Miscellany

Scattered thoughts on WBB and Cal football after a weird week of AQI delays

The Big Game Rescheduled to 12/1 Due to Air Quality Concerns

The 2018 Big Game will now be played on December 1st at noon PT. Pac-12 Network will have the game.

Stanford Q&A: Talking with


Cal Advanced Statistics: 121st Big Game

The Axe is Coming Back to Berkeley

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Leland Stanford Junior University Preview

The Big Game Defensive Preview: Stanford (6–4)

Cal goes up against a vulnerable Cardinal defense

Vegas opens with Stanfurd favored by 1.5–2.0 points

The Big Game should be pretty evenly-matched.

The 121st Big Game’s kickoff time is official!

Two options for kick-off time and that thirty-minute difference could be a gamechanger.