Cal Spring Practice Update: Quarterbacks, Quarterbacks Everywhere

Ezra Shaw

Friday night's practice was intriguing as Dykes-Franklin continue to use Hinder and Boehm as WRs and RBs in addition to their roles as red zone QBs. It sounds like the coaches are open to using as many as three QBs on the field at once.

Friday's practice had about seventy-five special guests: coaches attending the two-day coaching clinic at Memorial Stadium. Otherwise it was a rather light session in anticipation of tomorrow's scrimmage. Most of the action involved the QBs, who are becoming involved with the offense in increasingly creative ways. Here are some highlights courtesy of Nam (who appeared to be the only writer tweeting from the practice).

Boehm and Hinder: Beyond the QB Role

First, Boehm and Hinder continue to try different roles in the offense. This is now the second time those two have spent a healthy amount of time outside the pocket, so we can safely toss the appeasement explanation out the window. This is appears to be a serious attempt to incorporate them as receivers and running backs in addition to an occasional role as QB.

Boehm also spent some time at QB in the red zone.

Dykes and Franklin have been doing plenty of experimentation with Boehm and Hinder near the goal line. With Dykes-Franklin's fondness for the diamond formation in the end zone, look for Boehm and Hinder as possible QB subs.

Boehm was also impressive as a WR. It's great to see him become well integrated into the offense after being an afterthought during the first half of spring practice.

Now this is an interesting wrinkle. Unless this is a poor choice of words, Boehm took a direct snap out of the diamond formation.

Will the coaches begin to incorporate the wildcat into the diamond? That could be a nightmare for opposing DCs, as Dykes and Franklin already do a fantastic job of forcing numerical mismatches in the diamond.

Just for the sake of tradition, Boehm also operated as a passing QB.

Hinder wasn't completely left out of QB duties. He saw some light action under center.

CGB reader MCB_ear had a great idea on how we can take the diamond to the next level: 4 QBS IN THE BACKFIELD AT ONCE

Can't wait for this play: We can call it the QuadQBear

Goff takes the snap and hands off to Boehm at RB who reverses to Kline at FB(?) who cannons it to Hinder out wide for a TD.
Is this legal? doesn’t matter.

Who would have thought that the red zone packages with Boehm and Hinder would become one of the most interesting developments during spring? Of course, we have an ongoing, traditional QB battle between Kline and Goff.

Kline vs. Goff: Separation Anxiety

The fight continues as neither QB has really separated himself from the other. At this rate, this battle will last into the summer. It's tough to see either one separating himself during the final week of spring.

Goff did not have the best day on Friday.

Goff's trademark accuracy was off the mark Friday night. We'll see if he bounces back during Saturday's scrimmage.

Kline, however, had a better-than-usual outing.

He and the other QBs may have some chemistry going on. Here he completes a pass to Boehm:

He also tossed some passes to Hinder.

The biggest takeaway from Friday's practice is that this Boehm-Hinder experiment looks like it's the real deal. We'll have to see how much Dykes-Franklin use those two during Saturday's scrimmage. Keep an eye out for multi-QB sets in the team's red zone packages. Having Boehm/Hinder serving as a triple threats out of the diamond could be an absolute nightmare for opposing defenses. I'm glad I'm not Andy Buh during the final week of spring ball.

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