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UC Berkeley

Chancellor Christ: Cal needs a balanced budget by 2020

Tough times ahead for the Chancellor

Have questions about Cal? Submit them to the mailbag!

Let us answer your questions!

Times Higher Education: UC Berkeley one of the world’s six elite universities again!

Go Bears!

What are your reactions to the Cal & Under Armour reveal so far?

Go Bears!

Cal travel ban will not affect previously scheduled football contests

Quick reminder.

Cal can’t travel to four more states due to discrimination laws

Eight states are now on the list.

Cal Athletics task force: Bears stuck in a Catch-22

But there could be a cost.

Under Armour brings back the California script

Go Bears!

Cal the only program to decline College Gameday. (But it won’t happen again.)

Bad news and good news.

Under Armour brings back the Block C logo!

What do you think?

Why I’m a Cal fan

Roll on.

DJ Khaled goes DJ Cal Ed

I graduated the wrong year.

Cal football (978) & basketball (970) score record high multiyear APR scores

Go Bears!

Cal deal with Under Armour begins June 1

One month to go.

Roxy Bernstein highly critical of Mike Williams

What’s Bear Territory looking like?

Donate to Cal Quidditch to get our Golden Muggles to the World Cup!

Go Bears!

Carol Christ named UC Berkeley chancellor-designate

If approved by the UC Regents (vote is on Thursday), Christ will be the first woman to serve as the UC Berkeley chancellor. She will be the 11th chancellor overall.

Hail to Oski: Cal Men’s Basketball National Champs Bobblehead Review

Remember the 1959 Cal Men’s Basketball team that won the NCAA championship with this special Oski bobblehead.

Featured Fanshot

Cal Quidditch is going to the US Quidditch Cup!

Cal beats the Fighting Farmers 150-50 to make the Quidditch Cup!

Former Cal W. Water Polo head coach Rich Corso sues Cal for wrongful termination

Apparently, Hall of Fame coach Rich Corso did not quietly go into retirement after stepping down last August.

Cal can’t make recruiting trips to LGBT-discriminating states

hould the NCAA strip Wichita and Nashville of their 2018 bids?

Cal won’t schedule future trips to four states due to local discrimination laws

Four states currently hold laws that can be construed as discriminatory to the LGBT community.

OPINION: Free speech was protected at UC Berkeley last week

All voices were heard, in one manner or another.

Anarchists, NOT Cal students, responsible for violence in protests


Daily Cal: Taco Bell is in Berkeley! (Oh and Cal hired a coach)

Good times.

Cal faces largest debt among all college programs

Tough questions ahead.

What New Year’s Resolutions would you like to see from Cal?

Go Bears! Happy New Year’s!

What was the best Cal moment in 2016?

What do you think was the best Cal moment (in any sport, by any athlete) in 2016? 

Who is your Cal athlete of the year?

Which Golden Bear impressed you the most this season?

Merry Christmas Cal fans! What gifts do you want from the Bears?

 What gifts would you like to get from Cal this upcoming year? What Cal gifts would you like to give? 

UC Task Force Holds Town Hall On Potentially Cutting Cal Sports

Bureaucracy strikes again!

Monday Thoughts: What sacrifices would you make to help Cal non-revenue sports?

Plus thoughts on men’s and women’s basketball