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Cal Football Coaching Staff Complete: Garret Chachere, Defensive Ends

Sonny Dykes has hired his final assistant for the Cal coaching staff. Southern Miss TE/ST coach Garret Chachere will coach defensive ends. Zach Yenser was also officially hired to coach the offensive line.


The California Golden Bears have made their final coaching staff hire for Sonny Dykes's staff. As long expected, Zach Yenser was hired to coach the offensive line. And Garret Chachere will round out the staff and coach the defensive ends.

Chachere will be the defensive ends coach after compiling more than two decades of experience coaching at the collegiate level in a variety of roles that has seen him work on both sides of the ball and with special teams, most recently in 2012 as the tight ends coach and special teams coordinator at Southern Miss. Four of the last six teams Chachere has coached have played in bowl games.

This is an interesting hire, because Chachere's experience with coaching defensive ends is limited. In fact, Chachere has never coached defensive ends, ever. Here is his resume, where he spent last year coaching tight ends and special teams at Southern Miss.

1992: Cheyney-Pennsylvania (RB/DB)
1993: Bloomsburg-Pennsylvania (WR/DB)
1994: Bucknell (DB)
1995-1997: Nicholls State (LB)
1998: Louisiana-Monroe (WR/TE)
1999-2006: Tulane (LB/ST)
2007-2008: Memphis (ST)
2009-2011: Arizona (RB/WR)
2012: Southern Miss (TE/ST)

The biggest thing Chachere has going for him is that he spent a few years at Arizona from 2009-2011, with one of those years spent coaching with Dykes as running backs/wide receivers coach. Another thing that's cool is that Chacere seems to be the kind of coach who is versatile enough to float between positions on the coaching staff. He is not going to be the most exciting hire out there, but he's another young and dynamic presence that should pay off with dividends on the recruiting trail.

Barry Sacks will be the main defensive line coach, so Chachere will hopefully not have to worry too much about getting things moving. Considering how much experience he has at each position, he might be one of those jack-of-all-trades assistants that can help out anywhere.

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