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Cal Bears In The Twitterverse: Reactions To Sonny Dykes, Ron Gould

How did players and alumni react to the hire of Sonny Dykes and his coaching staff and the release of Ron Gould?

Thearon W. Henderson

Obviously, our opinion on the coaching staff (and all of us seem to have one!) at this point hardly matters in the long run. What matters first and foremost is the players and what they feel and believe. If they buy in to what Sonny Dykes and the new staff have to say, then there's a good chance things will turn around.

First signs are positive.

Allan Bridgford (who was at the press conference) had this to say about the search.

Austin Hinder seems like he's on board.

Daniel Lasco is ready to go.

Michael Barton also seems pleased.

Austin Clark also has a good feeling here.

Gabe King was laying some words down! Here are his feelings on Dykes, but he had some feelings to dish out on the previous defensive staff. You can check it out on his Twitter feed.

Matt Cochran is all set.

Brennan Scarlett probably was using this for finals, but I still found this quote pretty cool. Words to live by from a Bear to be proud of on and off the field (All-Academic honors!)

Darius Powe was to the point.

Mark Brazinski is impressed with the new offensive coordinator Tony Franklin.

Jacob Wark knows what dorm life is like. Gotta get those swipes out while you still can!

Players and alumni had kind words for what Ron Gould has meant to them.

Finally, your movie review of the week.