Tosh Lupoi Speaks About Cal, His Boat And His Canoe

Tosh Lupoi spoke to the media today for the first time to address his messy departure from Strawberry Canyon. It appears the Washington coaching staff has done a good job coaching him up for this interview. Pretty sure that month away from the media provided him with all the time he needed to conjure an alibi. Here's what he had to say about his departure.

On how many times he said no to UW: "I don't know, but it was a process for about two weeks. Kind of like all the places, I had never taken an interview anywhere, I don't have an agent, it was something that just felt like it was going to be the place that I remained and that's where I played and I had a lot of great opportunities and days there. So it was natural for me to say no. And then just talking to him throughout those weeks you realize what a great recruiter he is and a lot of great points he expressed kind of weared on me.

On Jeff Tedford's reaction: "I think he understood and was always kind of been there and I've been offered good advice over the past year so it was kind of a quick conversation and I think at that point, I had already said no to the opportunity for some time so I think he understood that there was a lot that was put into this decision and it wasn't something that was done in just one day or so so I think he was understanding of the opportunity that was offered here and the reasons to want to start something new.''

This differs slightly from the version of the story we've heard, which goes something like.

Offer 1: They gave me lots of money. Cal matched.

Offer 2: They gave me lots more money. Cal matched.


Speaking of which, he did give this direct quote.

"Yeah, I haven't been on that boat. Maybe it's a canoe or something.''

They gave him a canoe too??? Pretty impressive rewards package!

I hope it's not to go seal-poaching with Sark in the Pacific Northwest. That'd just be abhorrent. We hope Tosh and Sark make a public statement soon denying that they wrestled baby seals on the beaches of British Columbia, then cooked them piece by piece.

I just hope we're not too late to save the rest of them.

You can watch video of the interview by clicking here, or you can listen to the audio by clicking here.

PS: Check out this secondary vid of Tosh’s eye-darting. This is a man who has nothing to hide!

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