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Jeff Tedford Watch: No Announcement Sunday, Team Meeting Postponed Until Monday

There will be no announcement on the fate of Jeff Tedford and the Cal coaching staff on Sunday.


Hey, what's another day of waiting!

There are plenty of things that could be happening here.

1) The decision has been made, and they're working on a settlement that appeases all parties. Quite possible, and probably the likeliest possibility given all the troubles t

2) The decision has not yet been made, as the Chancellor and the Athletic Department work through all the financial aspects as to whether keeping Tedford makes more financial sense than letting him go and paying what he's owed on his contract. This is also quite possible.

3) He's coming back, and they're working out the logistics on how to fix things as a team, staff adjustments, and whatever needs to be done to make Cal competitive ASAP. Remote, but not out of the question.

All of these situations are in play. I'm literally bored by all of them. Let's get this done, whatever the decision is.

Until tomorrow! Go to sleep everyone and wait all over again.