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Chris Petersen, Hue Jackson, Ron Rivera Reportedly Top Candidates To Replace Jeff Tedford

If Cal head coach Jeff Tedford doesn't survive this weekend's meeting with athletic director Sandy Barbour, she reportedly has a short list ready of potential replacements.


Ryan Gorcey of Bear Territory was on the Damon Bruce Show on Friday afternoon, and reiterated what his co-worker Grant Marek at Rivals had to say a fortnight earlier. Cal head coach Jeff Tedford will walk out of Sunday's meeting with athletic director Sandy Barbour without a job.

You can listen to the audio of the section at the start of Hour 3 of the 11/16 show.

If that scenario occurs, Gorcey believes that there appear to be three primary targets.

First and foremost will be Boise State head coach Chris Petersen, who would probably be the first target of Barbour. Petersen is obviously the dream fit for Cal given his Northern California/UC roots, the winning tradition he's created at Boise State, the low-key media attention that Cal attracts (despite being in the Bay Area, there is not much of a media crush for being the Cal head coach), and being one of the best in-game coaches in the business.

Of course, the biggest question is Petersen wanting to accept the job. He turned down an offer from Stanford after Jim Harbaugh left for the NFL, and did the same to UCLA after Rick Neuheisel was fired. He is a dream candidate for a reason.

The next target up will be Hue Jackson, former Oakland Raiders head coach and offensive coordinator at Cal in the Steve Mariucci era. Jackson had an unceremonious exit in Oakland after an 8-8 season and had his share of issues with management and PR, but it would follow in the mold of making a high-splash NFL hire.

Jackson would bring along DeWayne Walker (New Mexico State head coach and former Cal DBs coach under Mooch) as his defensive coordinator, presuming that Walker doesn't return for the Aggies (he is likely to be relieved of duty with NMSU currently 1-9).

Another name mentioned is Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera is in danger of being fired at Carolina and could be available this offseason, although it might require Barbour to wait until the conclusion of the NFL season to see if Rivera would be available.

Gorcey suggests other familiar suspects, like Louisiana Tech head coach and offensive wizard Sonny Dykes, San Jose State Spartans head coach Mike McIntyre (who would be considered because of his success with the APR), San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, and Oregon assistants Mark Helfrich (OC) & Scott Frost (WRs). But the first three names are the primary targets.