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Golden Scholars

Scholars: Latest rankings of world's universities

Today's big news was supposed to be Berkeley's new ranking among the world's universities, but someone from the CGB team decided to jump the gun and post the news early. Thanks, guys.

Scholars: Taking "snapshots" of photosynthesis

All the latest news and research out of UC Berkeley, which may help in the development of clean energy and faster data transfer.

Cal vs Furd in med tech. No more Memorial Glade?

Berkeley finds ways to take advantage of modern technology to improve the world and others, but should we start that improvement right at home by getting rid of Memorial Glade?

Scholars: Why drink alcohol & Cal's new record

Berkeley professors ponder the evolutionary basis for drinking alcohol and make a record-setting microscopic measurement.

Scholars: Do online ads work & making a rad watch

When is a watch not a watch? When it's a RadWatch. Berkeley researchers develop ways to monitor radiation levels and take a look at those online ads we all love.

Scholars: Robotic partners and sex sells!

Apparently today's edition of the Golden Scholars is our belated Valentine's Day issue, wherein Berkeley teaches robots the importance of companionship and demonstrate our deep understanding of sex.

Scholars: Berkeley helps paraplegics walk again

Understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the prevalence of breast cancer in older patients and designing the optimal, affordable, and functional solution to help paraplegics walk.

Scholars: Improving Xbox Kinect & self-driving car

Developments coming out of Berkeley will improve your Xbox Kinect and watch stars go supernova.

Scholars: Berkeley cures cancer & marital fights

The number-one public university in the world tackles problems ranging from cancer to fights between spouses.

Scholars: Berkeley looking for Earth-like planets

Professor Geoffrey Marcy endures hardships to pursue his belief that habitable planets exist in the solar system and Dr. John Douglass wants to redefine our criteria for evaluating universities.

Scholars: Cal Bears learning from polar bears

A cornucopia of food-based work at Berkeley trying to make food banks healthier (more cardio?), check kelp for radiation, and pick up diet advice from polar bears.

Scholars: Berkeley students persevere in big race

Climate models confirm Nelly's concerns and Berkeley engineering students show the Bear will neither quit nor die in the Big Race.

Scholars: Studying Hispanics & things get hotter

Berkeley professors work on the Hispanic/Latino identity and find climate change is making more problems. Ugh, you're such a troublemaker, climate change.

Scholars: Where does self-control come from?

Why are some of us unable to stop loading donuts into our mouths while others demonstrate discipline and self-restraint? Did I really just lash out because it was 2° warmer?

Scholars: Berkeley researches memory formation

Berkeley's researchers are studying how the public views income inequality and tries to uncover more details of how the nervous system works, with potential applications in Alzheimer's and blindness.

Scholars: Berkeley uses telemedicine to aid Libya

Two new Berkeley projects will help the university's influence spread further and help more.

Scholars: Berkeley researchers try to read minds

Let's get into some brainy headstuffs as Berkeley researchers probe into how the human brain works.

Scholars: Doudna is Berkeley's newest superstar

Berkeley researchers find evidence of the dangers of thirdhand smoke. The university is helping students realize their dreams of creating solutions to global problems. Jennifer Doudna is the next Berkeley superstar scientist.

Golden Scholars: Berkeley tissue engineering Oski?

The start of a new series bringing focus to the academic discoveries being done right next-door to Memorial Stadium and Haas Pavilion. Getting things started with the non-magic magic at Berkeley, Buddhist economics, and tissue engineering with Oski.