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Golden Scholars

Scholars predict doom for vision and the planet

UC Berkeley researchers warn that it's time to curb our bad habits to save our vision and to save all life on the planet.

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Memorial Stadium view of Berkeley at sunset

Go Bears.

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Big Game Titration

Chemists, in case you want to know how to make it, click here for the formula. Instagram from Cal Band of this year's Big Game Titration.

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Doe Library is blue & gold

Best library in the world.

Scholars: UC Berkeley ponders banning football

UC Berkeley attempts to map out the universe and considers if it's time for a football-free campus.

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UC Berkeley professor approves of beating Stanfurd

Apparently this message stayed up all through Stat 134. Long live Professor Adhikari. No word on whether it still stands!

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Chancellor Dirks joins Twitter, could go shirtless in Student Section

CGB keeps on breaking barriers this year.

RIP Barclay Simpson, Berkeley Medalist

The Student Athlete High Performance Center (SAHPC), or Simpson Center was named after him. But Simpson was so much more than that. He was an entrepeneur, innovator, patron, philantropist, businessman, and a Golden Bear

Will UC Berkeley increase tuition again?

All the latest news out of UC Berkeley as we win awards for our great research, like a potential game changer in cancer research. Also, the University of California system considers increasing tuition. Good idea or bad idea?

UC Berkeley global campus coming to Richmond?

Also coming to Berkeley: New Aquatic Center, upgraded Haas Pavilion, a new Maxwell field, and additions to Haas Business school and Jacobs Hall for engineering?

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Epic Rap Battles of Berkeley

So. This is awesome.

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18 reasons Berkeley, California is the best college town in America

What are your top reasons?

Berkeley sets a world record for the coldest space

The latest news from UC Berkeley involves engineering plants for biofuels, Bill Maher responding to protesters of his commencement speech, and a new record for cold.

All the news from the world's 3rd-best university

US News loves UC Berkeley; Berkeley proves volcanoes didn't hurt nobody; and thinks chemicals could cause breast cancer, but arsenic might actually help.

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US News ranks UC Berkeley 3rd, Stanford 4th in best global universities


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What's the big deal about Berkeley? Big Give event coming to Cal November 20th

Learn how to donate at

Golden Scholars: Obama ruins health care!

A Golden Scholars that's light on the science!

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UC Berkeley finishes in top 10 schools in social mobility


Scholars: Understanding ALS and debating GMOs

On the heels of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Berkeley researchers may have a better understanding of what causes ALS; however, Berkeley experts fail to reach a consensus on the issue of GMOs.

Scholars hack Memorial and debrief on Ebola

Our weekly look at the going-ons of UC Berkeley, featuring hackers and Ebola.

UC Berkeley solves decades-long problem w/ plants

UC Berkeley is recognized with all of the grants, a professor questions the use of course evals, and Berkeley researchers unlock a decades-long quest to duplicate photosynthesis.

How does UC Berkeley feel about self-driving cars?

A Berkeley student looks to make the future of the campus safer, but the future of self-driving cars may not have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Scholars: UC Berkeley understands how humans lie

UC Berkeley teams with evil to make something pretty cool and figures out how evil people lie.

Why UC Berkeley wants to get you on Chip

UC Berkeley is looking for ways to decrease the time and cost for health care using human-clone chips and try to create biofuels with extreme! enzymes.

Scholars think they know how birds like Swoop fly

A "chicken or the egg" question about how chicks fly and how cool roofs cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and money burned on AC.

Scholars: Predict quakes & cop-protest dynamics

The Golden Scholars series was is here to bring attention to UC Berkeley developments and news. This week, we're going to take a look at Berkeley's intersections with two big news stories.

Berkeley undergrad's start-up for youth STEM edu

Monitoring copper and iron in living brain tissue and a Berkeley mechanical engineering undergrad's incredible and altruistic start-up.

GN: Clarendon and Brandon seek first WNBA title

Decorated Cal alums Gennifer Brandon and Layshia Clarendon seek more hardware in the pro ranks.

How did Berkeley rank in the latest ARWU list?

Berkeley shines as one of the best universities in the world in the latest research output–based ARWU list.

Berkeley leverages value-added benefits of chilis

Would you believe that business-speak makes you look more powerful and that hot sauce can make you live longer?

Berkeley's ranks, Barsky news, & Schrodinger's cat

Berkeley's placement on two new rankings (neither of which is for party schools), hater of Cal Football Brian Barsky develops screens that eliminate the need for glasses, and Irfan Siddiqi can tell you if that cat's alive or not.

Scholars heal ACLs and travel through time

The latest news out of UC Berkeley! We, the disciples of Oski, research into increased tendon and ligament growth and an understanding of how powerful people feel time.