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Golden Scholars

James P. Allison wins Nobel Prize for Berkeley research!

Our little powerhouse in Nobels takes home another.

Cal alumnus Barry Barish (B.S. ‘57, Ph.D. ‘62) wins the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics!

The 92nd Nobel laureate with ties to Cal wins for validating Einstein.

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Nobel Laureate Eric Betzig to join the UC Berkeley faculty

The Nobel Laureate parking spots on campus are going to get a little more crowded with physicist Eric Betzig—who won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry—joining the UC Berkeley faculty. Betzig won the award for his work in "super-resolution fluorescence microscopy" to image the innerworkings of cells on the molecular level, which has applications in the study of disease.

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"Preseason" prediction for Nobel names UC Berkeley professor

Now that we've moved into the meat of college football season, we can forget all about those meaningless preseason predictions that we used to fill the emptiness that is football-free life. Well, if you miss useless predictions and can't get your Miss Cleo fix, then here's a prediction that might interest you.Thomson Reuters predicts the Nobel parking spots at UC Berkeley are going to get a little more crowded with Professor Jennifer Doudna winning one for her gene-editing technology, CRISPR-Cas9. Personally, I'm a little skeptical that Doudna wins this year. Thomson Reuters brags about accurately predicting 37 winners since 2002, but not always in the correct year and those numbers may be inflated if they're counting multiple scientists winning for the same development. I do think Doudna/CRISPR will win the Nobel one day, but I think the Nobel Committee usually waits a little longer to recognize research with the acclaimed prize.

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Academic Ranking of World Universities has UC Berkeley as the 4th-best in the world!

Shanghai Ranking Consultancy released their annual Academic Ranking of World Universities today, placing UC Berkeley as the 4th-best university in the world!

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Stockholm's Nobel Museum recognizes UC Berkeley for being a Nobel-Laureate factory

Great anecdote on Instagram about the Nobel Museum in Sweden giving UC Berkeley a little shout out for churning out so many Nobel Laureates--and giving them prime parking.

UC Berkeley ranked #1 public, #7 world university

In news that didn't need reporting, UC Berkeley continues to be ranked among the world's bestest universities. Obvi.

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Check out this sweet image of some electronics printed in the shape of the Campanile!

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Where's the best place to major in business for your ROI?

Actually, the best two places to major in business if you want ROI is UC Berkeley. Go Bears!

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The New York Times profiles UC Berkeley's superstar professor Jennifer Doudna

Read all about Dr. Doudna's early life, her revolutionary genome-editing technology, and the legal and ethical battles she's fighting as one of the field's pioneers.

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Two School of Journalism alums take home Pulitzer Prizes!

Congrats to Alexa Vaughn and Gregory Winter--alums of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism--for winning Pulitzer Prizes!

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Cal alumni are banding together to battle Stanfurd in entrepreneurship

Cal alumni like Rebecca Lynn are trying to make it easier for UC Berkeley grads to become the number-one school for entrepreneurship. Which school is standing in our way? Stanfurd, of course...

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Revolutionary UC Berkeley professor one of Time's 100 Most Influential People

Professor Jennifer Doudna continues to accrue accolades as her gene-editing technology has made her one of Time's 100 Most Influential People.

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UC Berkeley's impact on the periodic table

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UC Berkeley is one of CNN's best-bang-for-your-buck public colleges!

CNN Money declared UC Berkeley as their fourth-best public college in terms of return on investment (i.e., tuition). Despite a pretty hefty tuition, they cite the school's research prowess, pipeline for Silicon Valley tech careers, and reputation as some of UC Berkeley's perks.

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Happy 75th anniversary to the first Nobel to UC Berkeley faculty!

75 years ago (on February 29th, but close enough?), the Nobel Prize for Physics was presented to Ernest O. Lawrence for inventing Berkeley's famed cyclotron. (Yes, the very same Lawrence who's the namesake of the Livermore and Berkeley National Labs, lawrencium, and the Lawrence Hall of Science.) This feat was notable for being the first scientific Nobel awarded to a public institution and the first of 22 Nobel prizes won by faculty members of UC Berkeley. (For the record, the first Nobel awarded to anyone affiliated with UC Berkeley was alumnus Harold Urey in Chemistry, who beat Lawrence by five years.)

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Happy birthday to Nobel laureate and honorary captain of the 2006 Cal-Oregon game, George Smoot!

Happy 70th birthday to George Smoot, a Nobel laureate for his work with the Big Bang, a guest star on the Big Bang Theory, and honorary captain of the 2006 Cal-Oregon game!

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UC Berkeley research shows possible genetic link to staying happy in relationships

Happy Cal-entine's Day! A 20-year study by UC Berkeley researchers has found a correlation between "relationship fulfillment" and a variant in the gene for the serotonin transporter. How romantic!

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UC Berkeley EECS professor James O'Brien wins an Oscar!

The Oscars a.k.a. the Academy Awards are right around the corner, but before the big night, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has a smaller ceremony for the recipients of the Scientific and Technical Awards. This week, EECS professor James O'Brien won a Technical Achievement Award for his work in Finite Element Destruction Modeling, which is used to simulate motion of objects during destruction and has been used in huge movies like the Harry Potter Series and Guardians of the Galaxy. Congrats, Professor O'Brien, and go Bears!

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Charles Townes, Nobel laureate and inventor of laser, passed away at age of 99

RIP. Go Bears.

Celebrating the 100th b-day of the Campanile

The University of California looks at ways to improve graduation rates, more on the Berkeley Global Campus, and UC Berkeley celebrates the 100th birthday of a treasured landmark and iconic icon.

Scholars: Pregnancy health & historic plutonium

Berkeley research has some advice if you're trying not to have a baby. And if you're trying to have a baby! They also stumbled upon some historic plutonium from Glenn Seaborg and the Manhattan Project, but that's no biggie.

Best of Berkeley '14 & Keasling eradicates malaria

Jay Keasling's yeast-made synthetic artemisinin is being shipping to Africa to eradicate malaria and UC Berkeley reflects on another great year.

Maher speaks to grads and finds some truth to Elf

UC Berkeley's intersections with comedians Bill Maher and Richard Pryor and the research of Sheri Johnson finds there's some truth to Elf's message about forcing yourself up the ladder of success. How timely!

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WATCH: UC Berkeley alumni A Cappella Medley/Mashups

Good stuff from our student groups!

Berkeley fights blindness and detects anthrax

Berkeley scientists come up with novel techniques to detect toxins and may be able to restore vision in mice, dogs, and humans. Chancellor Dirks wishes you a happy holiday and discusses his vision for our university.

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UC Berkeley students present Shake it Off

Pappy Waldorf, meet Taylor Swift.

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WATCH: Memorial Glade slip and slide in Bay Area storm

This is an appropriate response to rain.

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UC Berkeley Boalt Law students engage in peaceful protest

We encourage all our Cal students to stay safe but voice their opinions! Go Bears!

Cal gives that competitive edge to organic farms

All the latest news out of UC Berkeley research--featuring organic farming and the development of human reasoning--and Chancellor Dirks's statement on the Berkeley protests.

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UC Berkeley ranked 6th in global reputation, 8th overall by Times Higher Education

Still the top public university in the world!

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Cal family, stay safe in Berkeley

Protest peacefully and don't get hurt out there.