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The Notebook: Spring Football 2019 #7

NCAA Football: Idaho State at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

A beautiful day in Berkeley, California for some California Golden Bears Football. Sunshine, no wind, no clouds—a perfect day after a week of consistent rain. Without further ado, here are your notes from practice seven.

  • Spring Game is fast approaching. This Sunday will wrap up the majority of Spring Football except a handful of practices next week.
  • Another day of focus in the redzone. The team is working to cap off scoring drives and opportunities.
  • Chase Garbers took command of the offense in redzone work scoring four Touchdowns in about eight or so opportunities from various distances. He also had a keeper touchdown run as well.
  • One part that Chase has surprisingly improved is his ability to mask the ball in RPOs and Read Options. The defense has been perplexed on a number of plays where Chase either handed off or kept the ball.
  • The defense has some of the best communication skills when at the LOS. Whenever the offense audibled to any other play, the vets on the defense made sure to adjust and call their corresponding response play quickly. Very impressive.
  • The two WRs that have consistently shown up during 7-on-7s or full scrimmage are Ben Skinner and Monroe Young. The young wideouts have shown exceptional growth in their route running, separation and ability to catch the ball. They should easily be fighting for a spot on the 2-deep come fall.
  • Blocking by the wide receivers has gotten significantly better as well. It’s still a work in progress in terms of the angles and footwork, but players are now pushing the blocks upfield giving more opportunities to the ball carrier behind them.
  • The defense’s recognition of screens is very fast. They recognize, call out screen, and react to the side accordingly to their designated tracking roles.
  • Marcel Dancy exploded on the ground today with back-to-back rushing touchdowns in the redzone.
  • The QBs have had a point of emphasis of looking downfield during scrambles or pocket movements. It’s starting to show on the field with multiple touchdowns in scramble situations.

Some more days before we delve into the spring game. As usual leave any questions for me and I’ll get to them as soon as I can!