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NB Deon White announces he will grad-transfer from Cal

Rough news for Cal’s depth in 2020.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

NB Deon White announced on his Twitter that he will be grad-transferring from the California Golden Bears and has entered the infamous transfer portal.

White came to Cal from the College of San Mateo, committing to the Bears in March 2018. In 2018, he played in twelve of our thirteen games (missing the USC game) and made eight tackles; he has not played in any games in 2019.

With so many of the Takers graduating—or potentially pursuing the NFL—after this year, there would have been room for White to play a role next year. Traveon Beck has locked down the nickel position for us this year (like how he’s locked-down opposing receivers), so there weren’t many opportunities for White this year. Josh Drayden will presumably be a force for us next year after redshirting this season and may be the toughest competition for playtime next year at nickelback; Branden Smith could also be in the rotation as a redshirt-junior next season.

There also could have been opportunities at cornerback, which White played at the College of San Mateo; Camryn Bynum and Elijah Hicks have the options to go pro or return to Cal. Beyond them is will-be-redshirt-sophomore Chigozie Anusiem and five players with no playing experience in the blue and gold (four true freshmen and one JuCo transfer). Having an experienced player like White could provide critical depth at least, if not an option to start.

Best of luck to Deon in the rest of his career!