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New rule for the Pac-12 to eliminate 5-win teams from bowling

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Farewell to the APR loophole

Stanford v California
You will need at least this many wins if you want to bowl.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Pac-12 presidents passed a rule that has killed off the APR loophole for 5–7 teams looking to go bowling.

The Pac-12 will require its teams to win at least six regular-season games to play in a bowl game, eliminating the opportunity for a 5–7 squad to earn a postseason spot when there are not enough six-win teams nationally to fill the bowls.

5–7 teams with high APR scores began to become bowl-eligible in 2015 due to the increase in bowl games, which is forever expanding like our universe. Five teams have done so since then, but none from the Pac-12. (Check out that link for a beautiful reminder of how the UC Los Angeles Bruins exploited waivers to go 6–8 in 2014.)

This decision is coming hot off the heels of the Pac-12 earning a stunning mark of 1–8 in bowl games for the 2017 season; all teams had at least six wins in the regular season, so this new rule wouldn’t have helped us save face at all last year.

The California Golden Bears were eligible to use the loophole in 2016 at 5–7, but were beaten out by APR scores by the North Texas Mean Green and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. The Bears were again at five wins in 2017, but there were enough six-win teams to fulfill all of the bowl spots.


How do you feel about the Pac-12 mandating six wins to go bowling?

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