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Golden Nuggets: Joe Roth jersey in Memorial Stadium, Bear heads in the tunnel!

Go Bears!

Trace Travers
Cal Rivals

A smattering of California Golden Bears football links from Monday as we start to transition to the next week of action.

California Memorial Stadium has some nice new features: A Joe Roth jersey on the inner bowl, a Block C with a Cal Bear inside, a “This is Bear Territory” sign, and Bears in the North Tunnel.

Under Armour also has a swag box.

Justin Wilcox, offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin, and defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter sat down with Roxy Bernstein at the Pac-12 Networks to talk about the vision ahead for Cal football.

Some notes from the Monday interviews with Wilcox.

On adjusting to stop the North Carolina run.

It was really the outside run game, we didn’t do a great job in the first half setting edges of the defense, and in our style of defense you have to set the edge. They were gonna run the ball, it was a numbers game for them in terms of using the quarterback, you could see that early on in the first two drives, they were gonna run the quarterback, so they can create numbers just mathematically. If you’re playing any type of coverage and they run the quarterback, you have to do some things to try to get an extra body in there.

Thoughts on the offensive line?

That they’ve gotten better, and they’ll get better this week and next week and the following week, that’s the whole goal. I mean, all those guys just battled, and I thought in the run game, we can do a little bit better job creating some movement on our double teams, in the pass game I thought they did a nice job picking up some of the movement that those guys were giving us.

On Camryn Bynum

We’ve thought a lot of Cam, and he’s a young player who’s gonna get a ton better, but I think he just, his mentality throughout the game was really really good and solid, it wasn’t too big for him by any means, real calm and collected out there and played well.

On Vic Wharton III

Vic did a great job, obviously made some huge plays for us in the pass game. He’s a tough guy, he battles, and it was some huge huge catches, catch and runs, and it was great to have Vic out there.

On Evan Weaver

He’s instinctive, and he’s a good tackler, he can finish plays so we planned on playing him. It wasn’t anything that Ray or Jordan, obviously going down, but we planned on playing Evan in the game, so did a good job.