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Cal fans, how has your 2017 season outlook changed after the season opener?

How has your season outlook changed after this game? Is it for the better, still the same, or have you lowered expectations?

NCAA Football: California at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Avinash: One of my bold predictions last week: Cal will win at least one game as a double digit underdog. Check.

Right now, we're right on course! The Bears look game to play and will be ready to compete week to week.

HydroTech: Las Vegas gave Cal an over/under of 3.5 wins for this season, and after seeing the improvements on defense, I think that Cal can surpass 4 wins, and maybe even make a bowl game with 6 wins. Things are looking up for the Bears.

ragnarok: Well, given that this looked like a probable loss before the season, our season win total expectation should jump by almost a win. Overall, the team looks more complete that I expected, and looks like they'll be in almost every game this season, though the schedule remains rugged enough that I hesitate to bump my season win total expectations too much. I still don't expect a bowl game, though it would no longer shock me.

Nik Jam: I'm not saying we'll have a good year, but Ole Miss seems like a ticket I should surely get.

Too bad we don't have much time to gel as a club before U$C but maybe we can become a strong opponent by Furd and UC L.A.

I think a bowl game is do-able.

Piotr Le: I moved my expectations from a 3-4 win season to a 6-6 with minor bowl implications. This team is way ahead in its defensive improvement, as well as cohesion than I expected. Of course this went against a UNC team was replacing +95% of its production from last year, but the way Cal D played shows promise.

Nick Kranz: I'm already on record for bumping my pre-season predicted win total from 4 to 6 already. UNC is very likely a better team than Weber St. (duh), Arizona, and Oregon State, so Cal should be strong home favorites in three other games. Getting to four wins now looks pretty damn likely. Throw in a number of games that will be in the general vicinity of a toss up and it's not too hard envisioning bowl eligibility. And considering Cal's relative inexperience, you would think this is a team that would improve over the course of a season more than most, which should add to a general sense of in-season optimism.

boomtho: My season outlook has actually improved a little. I did expect the defense to look largely like this, but I didn't expect Bowers to play quite so well, nor did I expect the non-DRob and Stovall receivers to perform quite so well.

I think I had us at 3-4 wins before the season and now am closer to 4-6... of course 1 of those additional wins is the UNC one (which I thought we'd lose), but this makes me feel better about the Ole Miss game than I did previously.