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Chicago Bears lose: #GoBears belongs to Cal

After struggling against FCS’s Weber State, Cal defeats an NFL team.

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have a very fun distinction. They’ve lost to two college teams.

The Bears in their infinite wisdom decided to stake their claim to the #GoBears hashtag this preseason for their 2017 NFL campaign. The Bears logo appeared by every hashtag mention of #GoBears for most of opening weekend.

They will fail to advance it any further. #GoBears is trademarked by Cal. The Bears logo has now disappeared from any further mentions of that particular hashtag

This comes after last year’s failed attempt to do the exact same thing with #BearDown, a trademark belonging to the University of Arizona.

The University of California actually trademarked the phrase “Go Bears” at least as far back as 2004. There are a bunch of other phrases, but “Go Bears!”, “Bear Territory” and “This is Bear Territory” all belong to the university and the athletic department. The Chicago Bears infringed on trademark, and now will have to scuttle back to go root for what they claim to be a football team.

Congrats to the California Golden Bears on collecting victory in the pros!