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Reminder: Cal at North Carolina is not a national telecast. How to watch online.

More details on viewing the Bears.

California v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

For the first time in a long time, the California Golden Bears will not available to the majority of the West Coast on regular TV. Cal vs. UNC is being played on the ACC Network, which is currently a syndicated sports network featuring ACC teams broadcast nationally to specified markets.

Unfortunately, since it’s the ACC Network, most of those markets are congregated on the East Coast. Only four markets in California carry the ACC Network. Here are the only markets on the West Coast that are carrying Cal-UNC tomorrow.


  • Fresno (My Network TV, KAIL)
  • Los Angeles (IND, KDOC)
  • San Diego (CW, KFMB-D2)
  • San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose (IND, KOFY)


  • Colorado Springs (IND, KWHS)
  • Denver (My network TV, KTVD)


  • Medford (FOX, KMVU)
  • Portland (IND, KWVT)


  • Salt Lake City (My Network TV, KMYU)

Click below for the full list of markets carrying Cal-UNC tomorrow. If you’re on the East Coast, you should feel relatively safe.

Good news though: If you have ESPN, you should be able to watch it online. Cal-UNC should be streamed on and, as well as through the Watch ESPN app (if you subscribe to ESPN with your cable or saellite provider).