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Cal offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin chats about Ross Bowers

That plus Charlie Ragle and Demetris Robertson.

NCAA Football: California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Full transcript of California Golden Bears offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin is available via Trace at Cal Rivals, and the full video interview is below. Most of the chatter surrounded Baldwin naming Ross Bowers the new starting quarterback.

What was it about Ross Bowers that separated him?

“You know he just operated the best, especially in those game/scrimmage type moments. When it became more ‘live bullets’ in terms of scrimmage atmosphere, moving the ball, he repped out the best, and it wasn’t taking anything away from other guys, I think they all had very good moments and also everyone made mistakes as we all do. Based on what he was doing in those situations, he gave us the best chance to win.”

How do you see Bowers’ motivation (which comes from his failures fueling him) manifest itself in how he studies and prepares?

“Yeah, I mean I think there’s something to that, but you also have to transition to not remembering those things when it’s time, so it’s a fine line...He’s also a guy whether I’ve said it or not, that’s motivated by certain lights coming on, certain things to where sometimes his game speeds up and takes it to another level.”

How important is Ross’s accuracy for that in short and intermediate routes?

“It’s just very important for any quarterback, especially when you get into ‘live bullets’ you get into this level of football, windows close quickly, things happen quickly so you have to be accurate, you have to be on time, and you have to work hard to keep the chains moving, and those are big focuses for Ross.”

Is he on the right side of the line between fearless and foolish?

“Yeah, you know some plays he is, some plays he’s not, we all are, right? So it’s one of those things where it takes time, it takes time, it takes reps, it takes going through it.”

More below from Cal special teams coach Charlie Ragle

And then Demetris Robertson with the quote of the day.

On the likelihood of quarterbacks overthrowing him: “It's pretty hard, you know?”