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Cal DL coach Jerry Azzinaro rumored to become UC Los Angeles’s defensive coordinator

A reunion in their Hollywood love story will take place just outside Hollywood.

New Mexico v Oregon
I’m going out of my way to pick non-Cal pictures of coaches just to annoy you.
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Did you really think the California Golden Bears were safe from the coaching carousel? Oh, you poor misguided child.

Rumors are corroborating speculation that Chip Kelly—new head coach of the UC Los Angeles Bruins—would reunite with his coaching buddy and confidant of nearly 20 years in Jerry Azzinaro given the lengthy history between the two. The same Azzinaro who’s the defensive line coach at Cal.

Sources tell FootballScoop Cal defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro is headed to L.A. to serve as Chip Kelly’s defensive coordinator. Azz and Chip Kelly have worked together for most of the last decade. Although he has coached defensive line at Cal and Oregon (and in the league with the Eagles and Niners) of late, Azz previously served as defensive coordinator at Duke and UMass earlier in his career.

(If you have never questioned a source or a citation of anything you’ve read or heard in the news or if you’re one of those millennials who stops reading past the headline, then this is sincerely a great life lesson for you to start questioning everything you read. Most of you are Cal students or grads and—now that we’re on the subject of questioning things—I might be questioning that diploma of yours just a tad.)

Where will Wilcox turn if Azzinaro heads to the Southern Branch? Might this mean the return of one Tosh Lupoi? Does anyone have some dramatic music they can start playing now?