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Should Cal consider shaking up the quarterback position?

Does Cal stick with Ross Bowers or move on to Chase Forrest?

NCAA Football: California at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Avinash: I sometimes get to that point during his more inconsistent moments, but it's honestly unfair to Ross Bowers to blame him for this turgid offense. Cal is down three of their top four wide receivers, Melquise Stovall has proven to be ineffective, and after Patrick Laird went down early on Saturday, Cal really didn't have any functional offense worth talking about.

Chase Forrest looked good at the end, but it was a garbage-time drive and Washington had their backups in. I recommend letting Ross take his medicine so he’s better prepared for this season and the seasons to come.

Piotr T Le: I can't blame Bowers for the lack of support from the skill players, now with Robertson and Noa out and Stovall still getting limited reps. Add the fact that Laird was injured after stepping in for the injured Watson, and that our #1 TE Hudson has been out all season. Finally, the fact that Washington was able to get meaningful pressure on Bowers with a 3 man rush boded poorly for him from the get-go. I think it is important to note that we should not yank a QB for factors outside of his control and I don't think (sans that one sack at the 2 yard line) that he has done anything to merit a change.

Berkelium97: I don't think it matters, given how poorly the offensive line is performing. I don't trust either quarterback behind a line that allows three linemen to generate massive pressure, which lets the other 8 defenders drop into coverage.

Ruey Yen: I concur with everyone else that I am also indifferent about a QB change. Bears' offensive woes is going to take players taking a step forward, but it would be new skill position players who are getting new opportunities.

Looking way ahead until next season, I am not sure if Bowers is the favorite once Brandon McIlwain, transfer from South Carolina, is eligible (given how long McIlwain was in the QB competition this year when he had slim shot at gaining eligibility). Cal might as well give Bowers the chance to respond to adversity to see what he is made out of. Unless Bowers' level drops due to being dispirited, there is no reason to make a QB change at this point of the season.

ragnarok: Agree with everyone else that a QB change right now probably isn't warranted. This isn't a situation where the QB is the weak link on an otherwise talented team (the '05 Bears come to mind, with Joe Ayoob), nor is this a lost season with a senior QB, where you just want to get some experience for the underclassmen.

Overall, I'd expect the coaching staff to continue to evaluate the QBs on the roster and play the guy who gives the Bears the best chance to win, although given the other factors on the offense (line play, hurt WRs and RBs), any QB is going to struggle in this situation.