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What is the most unexpected Cal result you can remember?

Cal destroying Wazzu has to be up there.

NCAA Football: Washington State at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Avinash: From a winning perspective, most definitely. I cannot remember going into any Cal game and being happily shocked like that. I knew Cal would make a game of it more than they did against Washington, but to see that happen was entirely out of the realm of what I thought would happen.

The only thing that comes close winning-wise is the Cal-UCLA game from 2012. I could not have seen that result coming in any way and is only explained by the regular UCLA in Berkeley voodoo magic.

This Cal team already has more wins than that team. Good sign!

boomtho: I agree with Avi - the only other one that seemed to come out of nowhere was UCLA 2012, because of how improbable it was that Zach freakin' Maynard would outplay Brett Hundley and that explosive UCLA offense to such a degree.

Joseph: Since the question only asks for the "most unexpected result" and not the "most unexpected win" I'm going to go with no and take it the traditional Cal self-deprecation route. I think my submission for the honor of most unexpected result would have to go to...the entire 2013 season. Did I think we were going to be decent? No, but I had no idea it would be the absolute joke we ended up seeing. The only season in my memory where I relied solely on game recaps to save myself the heartache.

However, I will say this is the most dominant performance I've seen for the Bears against a highly ranked opponent. We made an amazingly talented Washington State team look like the JV squad out there. It's a cosmic injustice we didn't receive even a single top 25 vote after that dismantling of the Cougs.

Rob Hwang: If you gave me options as to how the game would play out. A Cal blowout offensively and defensively would have been the last option for me. No question. Coming into the game I had come to grips with the fact we would lose but had hope we would at least cover the spread. But man was I proven wrong. The offense improved but can it continue to improve? That’s the bigger question into these 5 games. Especially because we know the defense will bring it each and every weekend.

thedozen: In football, quite possibly. Considering Cal's injuries and especially after getting blitzed by Washington, I kept waiting for the bottom to fall out during the first half on Friday night. This was a signature game during Justin Wilcox's first year at the helm.