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CGB Pac-12 Week 10 Power Rankings

USC beats down Oregon State, and it looks like they're peaking at just the wrong time -- right before they play Cal.

Steve Dykes

1. Oregon (holding steady)

atomsareenough: Ducks had a bye week. At this point I'm hoping that despite the long odds, somehow Alabama gets the shaft and we see an Oregon-FSU title game.

2. Stanford (holding steady)

atomsareenough: The Cardinal also had a bye week, so we should see quite the matchup between them and the Ducks on Thursday... bahahah, just kidding, I'm going to enjoy watching Stanford get blown out by at least 3 touchdowns.

3. Arizona State (holding steady)

norcalnick: Did what they're supposed to do on the road for a change.

Sam Fielder: Neck and neck with UCLA for 3rd here.

atomsareenough: ASU demolishes the Cougars. It's looking like they're going to end up the in the Pac-12 championship game (and can possibly back into the Rose Bowl when Oregon goes to the MNC game) unless they screw things up. The Sun Devils stay at #3 for now, but I fully expect them to move up to the #2 spot after they cream Utah and Oregon demolishes Stanford this coming week.

Berkelium97: ASU scored 42 of the first 49 points and continued to look like the team I expected prior to the season. Wazzu had been competitive in first halves of games, even against top-tier teams this season. Their largest deficit was only 14 until ASU took a 28-point lead into the half. Color me thoroughly impressed.

4. UCLA (holding steady)

norcalnick: Probably should have beaten Colorado by more, but I still stubbornly think they're the 3rd best team in the conference and that they'll win the South.

Sam Fielder: Not really much to learn by a blowout of a terrible team.

atomsareenough: The Bruins allowed 23 points to Colorado? Hmm. The final margin was enough for them to cling to their #4 spot though.

Berkelium97: They gave up too many yards to Colorado but did a good job of forcing field goals. They looked horribly undisciplined while doing so, however (122 penalty yards). The South title is officially up for grabs.

5. USC (up two spots)

norcalnick: I don't really understand exactly how they've turned it around. Or how their defense vacillates between sieve and iron wall. Weird team, but they're playing well.

ragnarok: Why couldn't be have played these guys when Kiffin was still the coach?

Sam Fielder: So firing Kiffin really was addition by subtraction. I echo Ragnarok...WHY?

atomsareenough: Trying my best not to make the obvious "Trojans pound the Beavers" pun. Oh well, looks like I failed. Anyway, the Trojans are still thin, but their weak links appear to be improving, and they're obviously still very talented. Getting Marqise Lee back is huge for the offense, obviously. Trojans move up to #5.

Berkelium97: I'd rate their offense around 10th in the conference and their defense 2nd or 3rd. That averages to about 6th.

6. Washington (down one spot)

atomsareenough: No game for the Huskies this week. They're pretty much even with USC at this point, but like my fellow power poll voters, I'm giving the Trojans the tiebreaker due to their solid road win. Huskies fall to #6.

7. Oregon State (down one spot)

norcalnick: I had a hard time picking between Arizona and Oregon State - they both have 3 conference wins over the same three (bad) teams. I went with OSU narrowly but they're functionally identical.

ragnarok: I went back and forth between the Beavers and the Wildcats. Is getting blown out at home to USC better or worse than almost losing to Cal, even on the road? I tend to think so.

Sam Fielder: Aaaaand the wheels are back off.

atomsareenough: The Beavers seemed to implode against USC, with Mannion having an off game and throwing 3 picks to 1 TD. Is it one bad game or a worrying sign? They're already bowl eligible too. They drop to #8.

Berkelium97: Apparently Sean Mannion is human, after all.

8. Arizona (holding steady)

Berkelium97: The first Pac-12 team that didn't blow out Cal.

Sam Fielder: How can you pick between them and OSU?

norcalnick: Then again, I think I picked the Beavers over the Wildcats because Arizona struggled more with Cal than the Beavers did.

atomsareenough: The Wildcats struggle on the road with a bad Cal team. However, they did ultimately come away with the win, at least, and thanks to their weak schedule, they've already managed to reach bowl eligibility at 6-2. They're going to lose 3 of their next 4 games though.

9. Utah (up one spot)

Berkelium97: If Whittingham could keep a healthy QB, his team would consistently be in the top half of the conference.

atomsareenough: Utah was off this week too, but without a healthy Travis Wilson things don't look so good, as their next two games are against ASU and Oregon. They sit at 4-4 and will have to hope they get healthy enough to win their last two against Wazzu and Colorado in order to be bowl eligible. How crazy is this, by the way: The Pac-12 already has 7 bowl eligible teams. Washington should be the 8th next week when they beat Colorado. If Wazzu beats Arizona and Washington, and Utah beats Wazzu and Colorado, the conference could have 10 bowl-eligible teams. TEN!!! And that's without loading up on non-conference cupcakes like Chattanooga and Bethune-Cookman and Georgia Southern, like the SEC does. What a wonderful year for Pac-12 football. It's a damn shame that Cal couldn't be a part of it.

10. Washington State (down one spot)

norcalnick: Four beat downs sandwiching an increasingly depressing win over Cal. Just simply not a good team.

Sam Fielder: Perhaps their "turnaround" isn't quite as solid as it seemed.

Berkelium97: Bowl eligibility is slipping from reach.

atomsareenough: ASU is a good team, but the Cougs were surprisingly un-competitive against the Sun Devils. Wazzu has now been blown out 3 straight games. Mike Leach still has a chance to right the ship and gain bowl eligibility though. They just need to win 2 games from their final 3 against Arizona, Utah, and Washington.

11. California (up one spot)

Berkelium97: Cal climbs out of the cellar by looking much better against Arizona than Colorado did.

norcalnick: I'm putting the Bears above the Buffs because Cal is the first of the two to lose by 7 points or less to a Pac-12 team. HOORAY FOR FAINT PRAISE!

ragnarok: Marked signs of improvement this week. Still *lots* of room to improve, however.

Sam Fielder: Competitive and competent. Sadly, I'd forgotten what that was like...

atomsareenough: Sigh, so close to that elusive FBS victory. The Bears played noticeably better though, especially on defense. Just came up a bit short. Improvement!

12. Colorado (down one spot)

Sam Fielder: It was kinda close at the half...

ragnarok: Did hold a second quarter lead vs. UCLA, which is later than the first quarter lead the Bears held vs. Arizona.

atomsareenough: As I mentioned earlier, the Buffs scored 23 points in Pasadena against UCLA. That's the most they've scored in a loss this season. So that's something, right? They also only lost by 22, which is the closest margin they've had in a conference game this year. Baby steps!

Berkelium97: This team gave up almost 700 yards to Arizona? At least they looked somewhat competitive against UCLA last week.

norcalnick: Cal should beat this team.