Disconcerting thought of the day


I first saw this idea floated on Conquest Chronicles after news of the trojies losing their OC, Polomalu. Now I see it on Yahoo sports. If so, it would really give me some agita.

Arizona Torrent


Arizona torrent is now up. Go Bears!

Oregon Torrent


Oregon torrent is now up . . . USC, WSU, Utah, and OSU should be up by the end of the week (USC will be up by tomorrow morning).

WBB Torrents


The furd, USC, UCLA, and CU games are now up. Go Bears!

trash talking circle


Hey guys I just wanted to make a video, showing you what this whole TTC thing is and maybe I can get a few new members of of duck nation I also will be posting this on other SB nation blogs

Ron Gould Named Head Coach at UC Davis


Congratulations Ron. (We will be closet Aggie fans.)