Weaver and Special K Take the Cleaver...


and everything is okay! Beat the Tree!

Oregon continues to emulate Cal because why not?


First it was their blue-and-gold Webfoots uniforms. Now their mascot—Puddles—has decided that life is better as a bear. Further proof that the denizens of CGB North must be happy with their new home!

Where the Wild Things Are


I'm sorting through my old t-shirts and I stumbled across this one. It was one of my favorites from my undergrad days. I think I bought it on Telegraph...

Cal leading in Olympic medals and university rankings


Cal demonstrated some impressive dominance over all other universities today by topping the Olympic medal count and the Academic Ranking of World Universities. Today was a good day to be a Bear.

Jerome Randle wins Lithuania Championship


BC Zalgris Lithuania captured their championship yesterday with the help of former Cal point guard Jerome Randle

Cal's Savannah Rennie got her liver transplant!


A few minutes before 6 a.m. PST, the family of Cal Volleyball's Savannah Rennie announced that her liver transplant was a success!

FiveThirtyEight predicts Cal MBB's chances to win the NCAA Tournament


FiveThirtyEight predicts the probabilities that each team will win their games all the way to the winning the whole shebang. Cal's a heavy favorite to beat Hawaii, but a slight underdog to progress past the Sweet Sixteen and only have 0.7% chance of winning the whole tournament.

Cal's Chances in March


%'s off of Joe Lunardi and