"What if the Orioles don’t take Adley Rutschman?" preview: Andrew Vaughn


As an Oriole fan as well as a Cal fan (yeah, I like to suffer), it's interesting when my two worlds of fandom collide in this fashion!

Sad news for NFL Cal Bear Brandon Mebane


Chargers DT Brandon Mebane mourning death of 7-week-old daughter

Savannah Rennie featured in Pac12 Network


Saw this the other night. A very nice, detailed story of her struggles including a touching interview. Especially meaningful for those of us who contributed.

Cal WBB undefeated!


Not much CGB love so far for Cal's outstanding WBB, but I bet there will be!

Weaver and Special K Take the Cleaver...


and everything is okay! Beat the Tree!

KTO: The Most BIZARRE Ending to a Football Game Ever


Football YouTuber KTO did a quick yet entertaining video on The Play and the Furd band.

Who is up for a Dirty Golden Bear?


Okay, I propose this protocol for Cal fan drinking strategies: When the Bears score and/or play well, drink a Dirty Golden Bear, which is the same recipe, except you substitute your favorite dark fruit juice for the orange juice, dark wine for the white wine splash, and a lemon garnish for the orange wedge. My strategy is a reverse juju. Dirty Golden Bears are more likely to win. Right? Go Bears! #BecauseCal