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CGB's Pac-12 Power Rankings, 2017–18

Final Pac-12 Power Rankings: Your CGB writers are freakin’ geniuses

How do you rate a group of losers?

Power Rankings: Who reigns supreme at the end of the regular season?

Something wicked this way comes. From the POV of someone at the top. A place Cal fans haven’t been in awhile.

Power Rankings: Return of the Quack

Hope you’re not sick of that pro-Oregon line.

Power Rankings: Even Stanfurd is dumbfounded by their upset win

The Pac-12 had a crazy week and things somehow get crazy for Cal despite having a bye.

Power Rankings: Give a hand to USC for their ascent

How high can Cal climb by beating the worst team in the conference?

Power Rankings: Hooray! Terrible wins still look good with Stanfurd grade inflation!

Stanfurd celebrates their mediocrity; can we do the same as Cal fans?

Power Rankings: The fall of Troy

How many times can I explain that these rankings feature a focus on this past weekend?

Power Rankings: Who the hell is #1‽

Something about chaos and ladders.

Power Rankings: Is it time for the Cougs to make it to first place?

Big wins for the Cougars, Cardinal, and Wildcats shake up the conference.

Power Rankings: WSU busted through the Trojans, but can they come out on top?

The Cougars make some moves in an effort to earn the #1 spot.

Pac-12 Power Rankings: Someone’s a little angry this week...

UC Los Angeles leaves the world of single-digit ranks.

Power Rankings: Do the Cougars get a rise after a good Falk-ing?

A team re-takes the top spot and voters are torn on the Golden Bears.

Pac-12 Power Rankings, Week 2: Does Sad Shaw make a USC victory worth it?

Finally, a Pac-12 team steps up with a justifiable stake on the top spot

Power Rankings: Was UC L.A.’s comeback enough to muscle into our top spot?

After the first week of games, we’re entirely split on the Pac-12.

Preseason Pac-12 Power Rankings: Why are we all so down on Cal?

CGBears use a crystal ball to predict the Pac-12 season.